If you won the powerball jackpot would you keep it a secret or tell everyone?

I would keep my powerball win a secret.
I would tell everyone I won the power ball jackpot!

How did you hear about our site?

A Friend
Other Search Engine
Plenty of Fish
Poker Community

Which female celebrity has aged the best?

Christie Brinkley
Sophia Loren
Cindy Crawford
Brooke Burke

Do you think George Clooney will ever get married?

No. Clooney has proclaimed that he will never get married again.
Yes. The right woman can change a man's plan.

Where is your favorite place to party in the USA?

Miami Beach, FL
Las Vegas, NV
New York, NY
Los Angeles, CA
Houston, TX
Atlanta, GA
San Francisco, CA
You forgot my hometown!

What feature do you notice in the opposite sex first?

Gorgeous Eyes
An alluring smile
A toned body
Nice Hands
Beautiful Hair
His or Her Sytle
Her Chest
His status
A nice butt