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So just found out about this site..seems real interesting so hope all goes well !!* positive vibes*
A Little About Me
I'm actually from upstate New York, where trees make up most of the population. I'm an artsy girl who enjoys to draw, write, and sing - though whether I'm any good at those things is something to be debated.

I am not an avid cook, but I think culinary art is something I'd be interested in pursuing. Maybe you can persuade me to cook you up something simple. Though there's not much in the apartment I'm living in (I literally just got here yesterday), so I might have to borrow your kitchen.

I consider myself to be clever, fun-loving, and flirtatious. I know I've been told that I have one of the greatest senses of humor - almost anything can be a joke to me. I'm very interested in the field of psychology, psychiatry, and diagnostics. Eventually, I hope to get into some form of the medical or psychological field of work.
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said on Monday that its latest third-generation mulberry bags e-book reader Kindle had become the bestselling product in the online retail giant's history. Amazon said in a press release that sales of the new Kindle had surpassed sales of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Book 7)", but it does not give the number of the units sold. Amazon's chief executive officer Jeff Bezos said many users of tablet computers, such as Apple 's iPad, were also mulberry bags outlet buying Kindle. "We're seeing that many of the people who are buying Kindles also own an LCD tablet. Customers report using their LCD tablets for games, movies, and web browsing and their Kindles for reading sessions," said Bezos in the press release. "Kindle's 139-dollar price point is a key factor -- it's low enough that people don't have to choose," he added. The company also said customers mulberry handbags sale ordered more than 13.7 million items worldwide across all product categories on Nov. 29, which is a record-breaking 158 items per second. Nov. 29 is this year's "Cyber Monday", the Monday after Thanksgiving, when consumers are encouraged to shop online.China Unicom, which has been having difficulty meeting demand for Apple Inc's iPhone 4, slashed the price of the iPhone 3GS by 20 percent on mulberry factory outlet Friday. It's a move that analysts said may divert consumers' demand for the iPhone 4, and attract more users to the third-generation (3G) mobile system. The company, the official telecom carrier that offers iPhones in the Chinese market, cut the price of the iPhone 3GS with 8 gigabytes of memory by 1,000 yuan ($150) to 3,999 yuan. Industry experts said the price change means that China Unicom mulberry bag outlet is attempting to attract more 3G users and relieve demand for the iPhone 4. Users who sign a two-year-contract with the company will also get a refund of as much as 3,792 yuan in phone charges. China Unicom introduced the WIFI version of the iPhone 3GS in August 2009, as it rolled out its 3G communications network for the first year. Lu Libin, an analyst at the Beijing-based research firm Analysys mulberry handbag sale International, said fewer than 1 million official iPhone 3G and 3GS have been sold since China Unicom introduced Apple's handsets into the Chinese market, so the price cut was not only aiming at attracting more 3G users but mulberry outlet also at reducing the iPhone 3GS inventory. "But the sales of the iPhone 3GS were not very good because of its late launch in the Chinese market, and robust grey-market sales due to lower prices," Lu said. "After China Unicom launched the iPhone 4 this year, the iPhone 3GS attracted less attention from users." "The iPhone 3GS price cut will give 3G users more options for handsets, which are mulberry outlet york priced between 3,500 yuan and 5,500 yuan," said Lu. However, he also pointed out that the method won't enhance the sales performance of the iPhone 3GS in the long term, "because the iPhone 4 shortage will be eased later on, and most iPhone users still want to buy the newest model". fs0104
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summer day
It's such a nice summer day would love to go out and have a great time
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The globalization of TD-LTE technology is mulberry handbags proceeding well, and almost all the major international telecom companies have pushed forward its development, said Tina Tian, chief telecom analyst with Gartner's China office. Foreign telecom giants such as Ericsson and Alcatel Lucent, as well as domestic companies such as Huawei, ZTE and Datang, have participated in technical trials of TD-LTE technology with China Mobile since the end cheap mulberry bags of 2008. Moreover, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced on Friday that it had approved wide-ranging tests of TD-LTE technology in six major Chinese cities, indicating that the technology is edging towards the commercial-use phase in China. The six cities are Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Xiamen. However, a specific timetable for the pilot was not mulberry outlet store revealed on Friday. China Mobile said in a statement on Friday that the upcoming large-scale tests are aimed at exploring the commercial potential of the technology, and to provide impetus for international telecom carriers to adopt and deploy the new network. Gartner's Tian said that China Mobile may also use the chance to enhance its dominant position in the domestic industry. "Compared with China mulberry bag sale Unicom's WCDMA and China Telecom's CDMA2000, China Mobile's TD-SCDMA did not gain the upper hand in the 3G market, so the company has quickened the pace of promoting 4G technology in the hope of maintaining technology superiority," Tian said.The number of Internet users in China reached 450 million by the end of November, up 20.3 percent year-on-year, a senior official said on Thursday. Around 33.9 percent of mulberry handbag outlet the population are online, a ratio above the world average of 30 percent, Wang Chen, minister of the State Council Information Office, told a news conference in Beijing. China has seen a rapid expansion of Internet popularity since 1994 when it was connected to the Internet and has the biggest online population, he said. Wang also admitted that the country, like the rest of the world, is haunted by mulberry outlet uk online pornography, hacking, viruses and online fraud. A campaign against Web pornography was launched in December 2009. By November, authorities in China had shut down more than 60,000 pornographic websites, arresting 4,965 suspects, Wang said. Of the mulberry outlet york suspects, 1,332 people were sentenced with 58 jailed for five years or more, he added. "Our campaign has been a great successand has made the Internet environment much cleaner than before. The campaign has won praise from the public, especially from the parents of teenagers," Wang said. It will be a long battle, he said, but it will continue for as long as there are people who want to mulberry sale spread violent or pornographic Inc. fs0104
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My First Post for Pay Date Auction
Hello gentlemen I'm a newbie to online dating and so I'm sure this will be very interesting especially the thought of interested gentlemen bidding for time to spend with me on a date. More about be I'm a trained and certified Theta Healer/Tantra Goddess and Energy Massage Therapist, I'm also a Tax Preparer lol, I know what your thinking she's busy but I've been doing taxes for 3 years and healing/massage therapy for a year and a half and not all at once lol. I am looking to transition into my own business soon which has nothing to do with healing, massage therapy or taxes lol I know what your thinking now, yes there's more but I won't get into that in this blog so until tomorrow my new friends this is The Leo Goddess and I'm out
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According to Apple, more than 1.7 million mulberry bag sale people around the world had bought iPhone 4 as of last June.China's homegrown fourth-generation (4G) telecommunication technology is expected to go global and be widely adopted by 2015, with countries in Africa and Latin America the most likely to use the technology, according to industry experts. The Time Division-Long Term Evolution (TD-LTE) technology is the next-generation mulberry handbag sale telecommunication standard that China Mobile Communications Co is promoting. Under ideal conditions, TD-LTE can easily reach download speed of more than 150 megabytes per second, much faster than third-generation (3G) TD-SCDMA technology. "Many international operators have contacted China Mobile and expressed a willingness to adopt TD-LTE networks," Chen Jinqiao, deputy chief engineer at the mulberry handbag outlet China Academy of Telecommunication Research (CATR), told China Daily. He said the most likely partners in building TD-LTE networks may come from Africa and Latin America, as many countries on those continents have a good relationship with China both economically and politically. "They are more likely to accept China's technology, and TD-LTE may even help them make a leap forward directly from mulberry outlet the 2G era to the 4G stage," Chen said. The sound development of TD-LTE is important. The successful use of the technology in China will increase confidence in the product, remove any doubt overseas operators may have, and encourage them to deploy TD-LTE networks, according to Chen. Along with a number of other European telecom carriers, Poland's mobile operator Aero2 announced in November that mulberry outlet online it would build the world's first commercial TD-LTE network as early as this year. China Mobile, the world's biggest wireless operator by subscribers, said 15 TD-LTE trial networks have already been deployed in a number of countries. Another nine test networks, in cooperation with global telecom operators, will be added during 2011, said Wei Bin, chief of the network research mulberry outlet york website department with the China Mobile Research Institute, at a forum. However, in mature markets, the promotion of TD-LTE technology will be difficult, since competition from other 4G technologies is harsh, said Chen of the CATR. China Mobile is mulberry sale uk pinning great hopes on the new technology, as the company intends to use it to snatch market share both at home and overseas. Its upgraded version, called TD-LTE Advanced, was selected as one of six international 4G standards by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in Chongqing municipality in October. It's predecessor, TD-SCDMA, failed to achieve that goal because it was inferior to mulberry bags sale rival 3G technologies such as WCDMA in terms of maturity, according to analysts, and its use was limited to within China. fs0104
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about me
Hiiiiii you can call me RO . I'm 25 yrs old and I'm samoan and Chinese. I am an outgoing yet mellow individual. I love to have fun and love laughing but as much fun as we can have I also enjoy simple things as being in the house ,reading and what not . I'm here to meet some nice intriguing gentleman that share interests as me .....that is a start any questions please feel free to ask away ..until next blog
be my first!
looking for someone who is a little on the wild side. i am usually a quiet girl but i am ready to go out and try something new. i want to go out and live a little. i want an adventure. i promise, i'll be a good time
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Experts have urged the supervision to focus mulberry outlet on those public relationship companies or sellers who employ online ghostwriters, and thus stop the problem at its source. TEAM-BUYING China's group purchasing websites experienced rapid development in 2010 when Wang Xing, founder of twitter-like "," established, the mainland's first group purchasing website. The potentially lucrative business model of online team-buying mulberry outlet uk websites are also taking in more revenues, as shown by the number of such websites, which more than doubled to about 900 in July, according to figures from a Beijing-based Internet analysis firm, Analysys International. Despite the large number of existing competitors, most of them being small- and medium-sized firms in the market, three of China's four major portal websites launched their own online mulberry outlet online team-buying services in July. While online team-buying will likely attract many more Chinese netizens, insiders also warn that, as a new consumption channel, team-buying lacks the supervision of laws and regulations, and customers should be cautious. SOCIAL NETWORKING In the latter half of 2010, China's social networking websites entered a downturn with many small-size sites being closed. Even the mulberry outlet york leading had to accept the fact of its decreasing daily visits. The embarrassing fact came to light in a situation where a number of Chinese netizens did not grasp the essence of social networking, but only indulged themselves in games, such as stealing vegetables from friends' farms. Also, many users in social networking sites were said to be only interested in other people's mulberry outlet york website private information, while being reluctant to share their own information. Networking itself is not the goal. What these websites should do is to create their own innovative products that can help netizens achieve more value through networking, media experts warned. GOVERNMENT WEBSITES In 2010, it has become a trend for the government to collect the public's opinions and let them voice their mulberry sale concerns on the internet. However, a staggering 78.5 percent of some 450,000 Chinese citizens surveyed were unsatisfied with government websites, according to a 2010 report. These respondents complained that some government websites were not mulberry sale uk updated for long periods and netizens' messages were often ignored. Also, many services and pages were not accessible. People's rights to know, supervise and participate can be protected via the Internet and the credibility of the governments can be improved. But in order to fully explore this high-tech shortcut, the country's governments at all levels mulberry bags still have a long way to go.fs0104
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But with "new" comes uncertainties and cheap hermes bags challenges. The following are brief reviews on the development of China's new media and outlooks on its future. MICRO-BLOGGING At a time when netizens lost interest in lengthy articles and elites seek to always be in the spotlight, micro-blogs make their wishes come true. Short and convenient, micro-blogs also experienced a "big bang" in China last year, with the number of micro-bloggers at China's cheap hermes handbags popular portal almost doubling in less than six months. Afterwards, the other three major web portals, including, and, each set up their own micro-blogging services. With more government officials and entities registering, China's micro-blogging services are widely expected to play an more important role in connecting the public and the governments in replica hermes handbags 2011. SEARCH ENGINES Baidu's dominant position in the search engine market would face fierce challenges from rivals, including, Microsoft's Bing and from the People's Daily, the flagship newspaper of the Communist Party of China. Xinhua is also preparing to launch its joint venture search engine, together with China Mobile, a leading company in mobile networks. Goso and designer handbags outlet Xinhua both have the advantage in term of providing content, while Bing has a big edge in technology and funds. They are expected to post imminent or potential threats to Baidu in 2011. INTERNET OF THINGS IoT refers to a network of real-world objects linked by the Internet and interacting through on-line services. With the IoT listed as one of the "emerging strategic industries" in 2009, China set replica handbags up its first IoT research center in Shanghai in March 2010. Within the same week, Premier Wen Jiabao stated in the annual government report that it would "accelerate the research and development, as well as application of the Internet of Things." However, some experts have said that China's IoT was still in a very early stage, and it will take a long time for it to achieve large-scale development in mulberry sale uk order to let the public enjoy its full functions."The Internet Ghostwriters," or "Wang Luo Shui Jun" in Chinese, refers to people who write threads with particular content or ideas at the request of public relationship groups in order to influence more people with their agenda. These practices often result in privacy violations or damaged reputations on the Internet. China's Tort Liability mulberry outlet Law, which took effect in July last year, stipulates that in cases of privacy violations or damaged reputations, the victim has the right to inform the Internet service provider (ISP) to delete harmful postings and that mulberry sale the ISP must face joint liability for damages if it fails to act. fs1231
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People familiar with the board's cheap designer handbags deliberations said directors were frustrated with AMD's lack of progress in gaining market share and entering the tablet industry, according to media reports. AMD has less than 20 percent of the global personal-computer processor market, compared with Intel's 80 percent, and its revenue in 2009 of 5.4 billion U.S. dollars was one-seventh of Intel's.Apple is expected to release a new generation of mulberry sale uk its popular tablet computer iPad in the next “three to four” weeks, according to Kevin Rose, the founder of content-sharing website Digg. "I have it on good authority that Apple will be announcing the iPad 2 in the next '3-4' weeks,' possibly Tuesday February 1st.," Rose was quoted by media reports Monday as saying in his blog. "The iPad 2 will feature a retina display and front/back camera. If you're hermes birkin replica thinking of buying an iPad, hold off for now." A new generation of iPad might include cameras, FaceTime video chat and mini-USB port, according to an earlier report from PC World. In earlier December, 2010, news reports said Apple had planned to possibly start mass production of the next-generation iPad in January, but those plans were postponed until about February, as the tablet's hardware and replica louis vuitton handbags specifications have not been finalized by Apple. So far, Apple has given no official confirmation regarding the release of the tablet.Total global revenue from tablet devices like Apple's iPad and Samsung's Galaxy Tab will increase from 16 billion dollars in 2010 to a whopping 46 billion dollars in 2014, according to a report released Wednesday by U.S. technology research firm Yankee Group. "The growth cheap louis vuitton purses in this market is unprecedented," said Dmitriy Molchanov, Yankee Group analyst and author of the forecast. "The tablet sales curve is rising faster than that of HDTVs, handheld gaming consoles or even MP3 players." According to the hermes handbags outlet report, North America accounts for 37 percent of total global tablet revenue in 2010. However, by 2014, Asia-Pacific will be the front-runner. The region, primarily China, will own more than half the global market (58 percent), while North America's share will drop to just 17 percent. The report also forecast that the average tablet price tag in the U.S. will drop to just 237 dollars by 2015. Apple Inc.'s replica handbags iPad, the main player in today's tablet market, costs 499 dollars to 829 dollars depending on the configuration. Yankee Group issued the forecast the day before the official start of the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Tablets are an especially hot item at this year's trade show.Going far beyond human beings' traditional notions, new media has been growing fast and influencing people's mulberry sale uk lives in ways few things have done before. In 2010, China's new media industry witnessed explosive development. fs1231
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Intel sued NVidia in February 2009, alleging that designer handbags outlet the latter should pay for a new license to make chipsets that were compatible with Intel's latest processors. NVidia countersued a month later, saying it had a license under the 2004 agreement. According to Intel's press release, the two companies have entered into a new comprehensive long-term patent cross license agreement, under which each will receive a license to the replica handbags other's patents subject to the term of the agreement, and Intel will pay NVidia 1.5 billion in licensing fees over the next five years. "This agreement ends the legal dispute between the companies, preserves patent peace and provides protections that allow for continued freedom in product design," said Doug Melamed, Intel senior vice president and general counsel. NVidia president and chief louis vuitton handbags outlet executive officer Jen-Hsun Huang said: "This agreement signals a new era for NVidia. Our cross license with Intel reflects the substantial value of our visual and parallel computing technologies. "It also underscores the importance of our inventions to the future of personal computing, as well as the expanding markets for mobile and cloud computing," he said. The two companies dominate mulberry outlet different areas of the chip industry. Intel focuses on microprocessors and NVidia on graphic chips. The rise of smartphones and tablets has put new competitive pressure on the two in providing lower-power chips with higher graphical performance.World's No.2 chip maker Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) on Monday ousted CEO Dirk Meyer, looking for a leader who can challenge its rival Intel cheap hermes handbags and get their chips into the popular tablet computers. The resignation of Meyer as president, CEO and a director of the company become effective immediately and a CEO search committee has been formed, said the AMD Board in a statement. Meyer's resignation came as a surprise as he just gave a presentation in AMD's launch of a new line of chips at International Consumer Electronics Show in cheap louis vuitton purses Las Vegas last week. He became AMD CEO in 2008 when the company was saddled with debt and lost orders because of product delay. "Dirk became CEO during difficult times. He successfully stabilized AMD while simultaneously concluding mulberry handbags strategic initiatives." the statement said. "However, the Board believes we have the opportunity to create increased shareholder value over time. This will require the company to have significant growth, establish market leadership and generate superior financial returns," said Bruce Claflin, chairman of AMD's Board of Directors and leader of the CEO search committee. "We believe a change in leadership at mulberry handbags outlet this time will accelerate the company's ability to accomplish these objectives." fs1231
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Moreover, people who follow the site's hermes handbags outlet "Curators" -- or taste- makers with strong opinions in a given discipline -- increased the frequency of visits by 35 percent, according to Jones. "While it's still early days, the new MySpace is trending positively," Jones said. MySpace was acquired by News Corp in 2005 for 580 million U.S. dollars. In 2006, Google signed a 900-million-dollar deal to sell advertisements related to user cheap mulberry bags searches on MySpace and some other small News Corp websites for three years. In December, MySpace and Google announced a multi-year agreement to renew and expand the two companies' search and advertising cooperation. But terms of the new deal were not disclosed.Apple Inc. on Tuesday announced that a version of its iPhone 4 will be available on the network of Verizon Wireless, the largest wireless louis vuitton bags outlet carrier in the United States. So far AT&T is the exclusive U.S. carrier to offer iPhone, and the deal with Verizon Wireless is expected to boost the sales of the device. According to a press release from Apple, iPhone 4 will be available on the Verizon Wireless network beginning on Feb. 10 for a suggested retail price of 199.99 U.S. dollars for the 16GB model and 299.99 dollars for the 32GB model with hermes outlet a two-year customer agreement. "Verizon Wireless customers have told us they can't wait to get their hands on iPhone 4, and we think they are going to love it," the press release quoted Apple's chief operating officer Tim Cook as saying. "We have enormous respect for the company Verizon has built and the loyalty they have earned from their customers," Cook added. Rumors have circulated cheap hermes bags since mid-2009 that Apple would offer iPhones that work with the Verizon network, which uses CDMA technology. The addition of Verizon as a carrier will "sound the starting gun" for worldwide shipments of the CDMA version of iPhone, helping boost the total sales of the smartphone by 25 percent to 61.2 million units in 2011, market research firm IHS iSuppli said in a report released on replica louis vuitton handbags Tuesday. Apple is expected to ship 12.1 million CDMA iPhones through Verizon and other global CDMA wireless carriers this year, IHS iSuppli predicted. "The arrival of a CDMA version and the addition of Verizon as a carrier will significantly boost the cheap louis vuitton handbags available market for Apple's iPhone," IHS iSuppli's analyst Tina Teng said in a statement, noting that U.S. customers "long have been clamoring for an alternative to AT&T."U.S. chipmaker giant Intel said Monday it had agreed to pay graphics card developer NVidia 1.5 billion U.S. dollars to resolve a patent dispute between the two companies. The two companies have been arguing for almost two years mulberry bags outlet over the terms of a 2004 agreement under which Intel granted NVidia access to some of its technology for use in its chipsets, chips that help the microprocessor and the graphics chip talk to each other. fs1231
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The meeting seeks to adopt and cheap mulberry bags launch the ASEAN ICT Masterplan, which will chart the region's ICT development in the next five years for ASEAN to become a more cohesive bloc. China's Vice Minister of Industry and Information Technology, Xi Guohua, South Korean Minister of Information and Japanese Communication Minister were also present at the meeting. They are expected to hold separate dialogues with ASEAN delegates on cheap designer handbags Friday.Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system in mobile phones will be soon available in some main cities of Myanmar after completion of installation a fiber cable network for providing the Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) service, the local weekly Myanmar Post News reported Wednesday. VoIP is included in one of the services of the Fiber-to-the- Home (FTTH) which can provide over 20 international and louis vuitton handbags outlet local TV channels, broadband internet and fax service in addition to the VoIP. The FTTH Service, one of the high standard communication technologies, will be provided in Yangon, Mandalay and Pyin Oo Lwin in early this year. VoIP system enables users to see the face of each other on the screen. The phone number apply 7 digits and same kind of mobile phones can only be used for linking. Meanwhile, Myanmar is hermes outlet building more cross-border fiber optic links with more neighboring countries in addition to China, Thailand and India to improve domestic internet communication links. According to the telecommunications authorities, the newly introduced fiber optic links will be with Vietnam, Bangladesh and Laos.News Corp.'s social network MySpace announced on Tuesday that it plans to lay off 500 jobs worldwide in hermes birkin replica a bid to streamline operations. The layoffs will constitute about 47 percent of MySpace's workforce, according to the network. The announcement came amid reports that MySpace's monthly visitors dropped to 54 million in November, down 3.7 million from a cheap louis vuitton bags uk month earlier and advertising revenue fell to 347 million dollars last year, down 26 percent from a year ago, MySpace Chief Executive Mike Jones said the job cuts were part of the network's restructuring efforts toward profitability as the company is struggling to adapt to market changes following its relaunch last fall as an entertainment destination for Generation Y,a term referring to those mulberry sale in their teens through about age 35. "These changes were purely driven by issues related to our legacy business, and in no way reflect the performance of the new product," Jones said in a statement. "The new organizational structure will enable us to move more nimbly, develop products more quickly, and attain more flexibility on the financial side." Jones said the social network's makeover has replica hermes handbags resulted in an "up- tick" in returning and new users. Since the worldwide roll-out, he said, there have been more than 3 million new user profiles created, and more than 134,000 topic pages that provide news about music, movies, TV and celebrities. fs1231
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