Q: My company is really in hot water with one of our best customers. I can't reveal exactly what happened , but suffice it to say that we really dropped the ball and the customer is furious. I'm not even sure we can save the account. What's the best way to get back in a customer's good graces after making such a mistake?
-- Charles W.

A: Without knowing the full story, Charles, I can't give you a specific course of action, but let's start at the sharp end of the uh-oh stick and work our way back to see if we can come with up some advice that might help.

First off, it's important that you understand that the magnitude of your mistake will determine the course of action you take to make amends. If your company's error was such that it caused your customer a significant amount of lost time or revenue, embarrassed them publicly, caused damage to their reputation, or otherwise negatively affected their bottom line, you may face legal repercussions that saying "I'm sorry" will not deter. If that's the case you should consult an attorney immediately and prepare for the worst. Whether or not the worst comes is irrelevant. You must be prepared for it.

Now on to dealing with more minor offenses. As anyone who has read this column for any length of time knows, I'm cursed with daughters. I used to say I was blessed with daughters, then they learned to walk and talk. Blessed quickly became cursed. Now my oldest daughter is an inch taller than me and getting all lumpy in places I'd rather not think about. She's a sad case, really. The poor kid needs an operation. She has a cellphone growing out of her ear. But I digress

When she was a toddler she coined the phrase , "Oop-see!" Whenever she did something innocently destructive, like knock over a glass of orange juice on my new computer keyboard or shove a Pop Tart in the VCR tape slot, she would look at me with her huge brown eyes and say, "Oop-see!" My wife says there is a reason God made kids cute. Oop-see moments are evidence that she is right.

Oop-see meant, "Uh oh, I didn't mean to do that. I was wrong. I'll never do that again. Forgive me? Love me? Buy me toys Oop-see worked like a charm every time. Now, I certainly don't expect you to bat your eyes at your customer and say, "Oop-see!" but consider the effect her words had on me. Instead of screaming at the top of my lungs like I wanted to do (hey, have you ever tried to dig a Pop Tart out of a VCR) I immediately softened and found myself actually taking her side. "Aw, it's OK, really, we all make mistakes"

What my daughter had figured out is that it's hard to stay mad at someone who admits a mistake , sincerely apologizes for it, and vows never to let it happen again. Little did I know this was only one of many tactics she would employ over the years in her never-ending quest to wrap her daddy several times around her little finger, but that's a whole different column.

Dale Carnegie said it best: "Any fool can try to defend his or her mistakes - and most fools do - but it raises one above the herd and gives one a feeling of nobility and exultation to admit one's mistakes."

Carnegie and my daughter were basically saying the same thing: When you (or your company) make a mistake, no matter how large or small, the best thing you can do is quickly admit the error of your ways and face the consequences, come what may.

Here are a few things you can do to help set things right with your customer.

Assemble the facts. The very first thing you should do is find out what went wrong and why. Meet with your key people and gather the facts. Ask specific questions like: What was the mistake? What caused it? Who was involved? What could have been done to prevent the mistake from happening and what can be done to prevent it from happening again in the future.

Put yourself in your customer's shoes. I've been on both ends of the uh-oh stick and neither is very comfortable. My company has dropped the ball on occasion and we have also been negatively impacted when one of our vendors did the same. Put yourself in your customer's shoes and consider what could be said or done to remedy the situation from their point of view.

Take responsibility for the actions of your company. In my role as a company president there have been times when I've had to call up a customer and confess that a mistake was made, and as president it was also my responsibility to take the heat for it. Remember, you're the head cheese, Charles, you get to sit behind the big desk and take home the nice paycheck. You're also the one that gets to mop up when your employees makes a mess. It just goes with the job.

Do not place the blame on specific employees. No matter how tempting it is to put the blame on specific people in your organization (even if that's where the blame lies), do not do it. It is unprofessional, counterproductive and can backfire on you , especially if the person you're blaming reports directly to you. Saying something like "My sales manager is always making mistakes like this!" is not going to make your customer feel any better. To the contrary, such statements will make the customer question your leadership ability and the quality of all your employees, not just the one that made the mistake. If you don't have faith in your company and employees, why should your customer?

Don't deny that a mistake was made, especially when there is clear evidence to the contrary. You're not Richard Nixon, for petesake, so don't try to pretend that the mistake didn't happen or stage some elaborate cover-up to try and dodge the blame.

Admit your mistake. This may sounds trite, but you must admit your mistake before you can move ahead and start to make amends. Don't be so afraid to take this step. I doubt your companyDodgers Name Dave Roberts New M.
Leading 4 Suggestions When Employing a Moving Company If you are searching to the hire a specialist moving firm company in your location , you will certainly need to employ the most efficient one. Firstly, it is best to start the job as early as possible since it will certainly require a few time to find a trustworthy and also successful moving company. The early you look, the more a person will become at ease and comfort to investigate into a few companies.

It isn't the services that are of greatest value, but the reliability and luxury level along with the group additionally matters a great deal. We've top 4 tips for you any time hiring a moving company so that you get prime services with no problems.

1. Throw Away Worthless Possessions Straight away

For those who have things that are of no use today , collect them as well as throw out them immediately instead of holding out for the moving firm to appear in and also do this for you. Check away old clothes, books, furniture, equipment , and whatever you no more plan to use, or likewise think about throwing away. The more your parking space seems jumbled, the more that will be hard and untidy for the moving services to enable you to acquire as well as move. Streamline points in order of moving so that it requires a smaller sum of time.

2. Take Numerous Estimations

It will always be sensible to acquire quotes from numerous moving companies. This will assist you to evaluate the quality of services, benefits and costs associated with every moving company. This can be also essential in case you're short on money and want to devote just a small fraction of your own cost savings. Numerous moving companies demand huge chunks of money , and that's why it really is much better to take quotes at the very least two weeks just before the moving process in fact begins.

3. Become Direct and Specific

It is best to invite the expert moving services group to appear to the place and check points before the task begins. This will help them to recognize how they will carry out issues. One of the most typical complains among consumers may be the amounts of huge bills given over to these any time the jobs conclusion. Even though, numerous times this kind of economic displeasures occur because of to questionable business procedures of a company, there were circumstances exactly where people are incapable to explain the job in an upfront way.

4. Undergo Reviews and BBB

It is vital which you pay attention of customer reviews offered on the firm's web site as well as at social media networking websites like Foursquare to get into the particulars of the exact services a company provides. Also, make sure that the moving company operates as per the standards create through the BBB (Better Business Institution). Should you find any discrepancies , a person can report all of them at BBB. Standards Of Antivirus World Wide Web Safety - An A-Z 2010 Brandwein Haeck
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The Importance Of Innovative Development On The Job Search For Veterans The Importance Of Innovative Development On The Job Search For Veterans April 1 , 2015 | Author: Josephine Pennington | Posted in Careers
Would you prefer to utilize a highly trained professional complete your project thoroughly? Finding these agents covers people from the jeopardy of engaging ill-equipped defrauders that could actually threaten your job severely. These service providers approve payment whenever individuals happy with the incredibly good outputs. They carefully zero in on various long term conveniences of your relationship. If you want the information on the job search for veterans those consultants will assist you.

The betterment of qualified discussion consist of detailed as well as solid prognosis when hitches begin. Recruits that may not identify the concern may waste your precious time and personal savings through uncalled for wretchedness and mismanagement. Their measured up team is therefore accustomed perfectly to conclude your task wonderfully and fiscally.

Hence, they provide big reductions on the final price tag. They should then display demonstrated honesty and skills whilst carrying out their undertakings. It is worth citing that these guys offer these solutions at an affordable rate. They are equipped to develop interesting strategies to cut down your tariffs similarly at the unique stages and in the long run.

They have numerous divisions across the universe since these people are developing instantly. You will most likely locate these people on their blog or you might be lucky enough to explore one of their subsidiaries in your region. The appropriate conclusion of undertakings is definitely extensive for this occupation. To ascertain an extraordinary end result, they keep from inappropriate copy that is downright costly and cavalier.

By projecting instantly , they overcome trials or any out of the blue obstacles that may crop up. This sort of preparation and uniqueness consequently supplies potential customer redress. This kind of a service provider can not get ahead without evaluating the requirements of their people. So, they have a specified client service division that emphasises on making sense of your needs and replying to them quickly.

Triggering such a responsibility without a proper system is plundering usually when the staffs do not have the basic education to supervise such beneficial concern. Subsequently, they make use of your testimonials to boost their product line for them to provide treatments that will enhance your requirements. The management will often have extra sales teams to hurry urgent works or any amazing incidents during the course of the enterprise.

Even though carrying out some duties on your own will enable you to conserve some money and develop your hope , other contentions must be left to the skillful practitioners. These professionals have the ability to get considerable promotions from their comrades. Giving these kinds of chores will generate you self-esteem and free time for many other pleasing activities.

Contracting such an expert will assist everyone to economize time and shell out even less charge. Although several women and men could elect to ward off the companies so as to lay aside extra money, they find regressions for instance delays, and monstrous dues in the case that they leave out some integral technicalities. Subsequently , the costs of using a professional is petty opposed to the injuries incurred as a result of insufficient experiences. These wizards have a leading-edge approach when presenting their respected customers.

You can visit for more helpful information about The Importance Of Innovative Development On The Job Search For Veterans.

Tigers Have No Plans To Negotiate With Anibal Sanchez - RealGM Wiretap

The Tigers have no plans to re-sign Anibal Sanchez at the current time.

Detroit wanted to find a good bat and corner outfielder in free agency. They have already signed Torii Hunter to fill both needs.

"We'll see where other things take us," Dave Dombrowski said. "If we end up with this major move (Hunter) being our major move of the winter, I would be very happy."

Sanchez was 4-6 with a 3.74 ERA in 12 regular-season starts for the Tigers.

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The savannahs of Kenya are home a wide range of wildlife. One of the most frequently seen wildlife is the spotted hyena , yet little is known about them. In the traditional African society, the Hyena has been branded 'the coward one'. This has been due to the way of feeding of the hyena. Known as a scavenger, the hyena is actually a great hunter and scavenging only makes 5%- 10% of their meals. They rarely leave any evidence especially because they devour everything. For example they can make a kill in the night and the only sign will be light blood stains. In the recent years the complexity of the hyenas has been revealed. Lots of time has been dedicated to studying them. This article is about hyenas and their survival tactics in the savannahs of Kenya. They range throughout sub-Saharan Africa in savannah , arid areas, and open woodlands. So far they aren't present at the coast. There exist three species of hyenas in Africa. Two species are found in Kenya. The most common being the spotted hyena, crocuta crocuta. They live in groups called clans and the clan is under the leadership of the oldest female , the alpha female. Interestingly, the females are dominant over the males and are heavier than them. The females genitalia are very masculinized which contributes to their being aggressive. Such sex dimorphism is not common with other wildlife. This is due to the presence of higher level of testosterone in the female's body than that of the males. A distinguishing feature with the hyenas is the 'haunch-back' and short hind legs. They hold their head low when they walk. Usually the head has a rounded skull and long ears. They have extremely strong jaws and a complex acidic digestion system. This is one of the factors that give them a step ahead for survival. They are capable of ingesting bones, horns , hooves and the tough animal skins. Only the hair is not digested and this usually comes out in the form of bolus or locally referred to 'hyena hair ball'. All this bone matter that they eat is what makes the hyena feces chalk-white. They hunt in packs in a way that could be termed as ruthless as they do not have a killing bite. They lack in hunting technique and most cases they run down their victim to exhaustion. Usually they attack their prey and tear chunks before their victim dies. It is interesting to know that lions steal lots of their kills. It is true that hyenas do the final cleaning by chewing the bones and the skins left by others. In some cases the hyenas have succeeded to steal from the lions but in most of occurrences the reverse is more common. The reproduction and life cycle is not seasonal. The females do not however mate with their members of the clan. They can take any other wandering male for mating and discard him. Four months is the gestation period and usually give birth to up to four cubs. These are usually black in color with some others having small taint of black. A weird thing that happens with the cubs is competition over who nurses first. This in most cases result in fighting for dominance. The looser usually starves to death and this is only with the female cubs. Hyenas, unlike other wildlife take very long to wean their cubs. It may take between 14-18 months. The female can lactate up to 12 months with milk that is very high in protein percentage.( 14. The cubs start following the mother to the point of kill when they reach 1 year. They do not bring back food to the den. They eat to their fill on the spot. The female cubs stay in the clan of their birth but males are kicked out when they reach around 2 years. Apart from playing with the cubs the male has no role in upbringing of the cubs. One clan can have between 20-100 members, all on the matriarchal system. All the members are related. Each clan digs its own den which comprises of deep and long tunnels to accommodate the clan. They mark their territory through anal sac secretions. This is a paste that they use to define their boundary and is deposited at the edge of their territory. That is their home-territory that they protect and intruders are not welcome. They have a greeting system of sniffing each others genitalia and also as a way of identification or recognition within members of the same clan. To the untrained eye , it is difficult to differentiate between males and females. This is because of the physical resemblance of the female's genitalia to that of the male. But in any case they are female organs. The females are not hermaphrodite as some have claimed at first sight. Hyenas have 'toilets' whereby all the members go to deposit their dung. This adds to the boundary markings of their territory. They communicate in a number of ways: When about to attack the tail is held high, when it is held forward over the back, it is a sign of excitement. And when frightened they hold the tail tucked between the legs. When there is presence of food , this is the time you hear the famous 'hyena laughter' especially in the night. This laughter is a call to other clan members and can be heard up to 3 kilometers away. It is important to note that though hyenas portray cowardly behavior, they can be extremely dangerous. They should be left alone, least intimidated and their respect awarded to them. Author's Resource Box Peter Philip is the operator of Natural Track Safaris , a Kenya based eco-friendly safari company catering for family outdoor adventures, camping and overland safaris. Visit http:www.natural-track for comprehensive safari information. Article Source: Choo Flirting With Historic OBP For Leadoff Man - RealGM Wiretap
The Cincinnati Reds may not have Shin-Soo Choo past this season, they acquired him this winter and he's headed for free agency , but the outfielder has made a huge impact in a short time.

Cincinnati's leadoff hitters had a .254 on-base percentage last season. Choo has posted a OBP of .462 out of.

Byron Buxton Scores Winning Run In MLB Debut - RealGM Wiretap
Byron Buxton scored the winning run in the top of the ninth to give the Twins a 4-3 win , according to an ESPN report.

He went 0-for-4 Sunday in his major-league debut but reached base in the ninth on a fielder's choice before coming around to score from first on Eddie Rosario's double.

Manfred DH In NL Would Deprive Us Of Colons At Bats - RealGM Wiretap

Rob Manfred says instituting the designated hitter in the National League would cheat spectators of at-bats involving New York Mets right-hander Bartolo Colon.

"Not having National League pitchers hit would deprive us of the entertainment that Bartolo Colon has given us this year," Manfred said. "It's been a great source of entertainment for me. I don't know about for the rest of you, but it has been for me."

Colon has become famous for his wild swings and occasional helmet flying.

More seriously, Manfred does not see any change to either league coming soon.

"I don't worry very much about the difference between the two leagues," the commissioner said. "I think part of that is a result of the fact that almost my entire history of watching the game there's been a difference between the two leagues, and it's something that you get used to.

"I also think the difference in the rules is a topic that people love to debate, and I am a huge believer in the idea that if people are talking about baseball, that's a good thing for us. In general , my approach is status quo on that issue."

Yankees Trying To Get A Rods 3000th Hit Ball Back - RealGM Wiretap

The New York Yankees are negotiating with the fan who caught Alex Rodriguez's 3,000th hit ball, according to sources.

Zack Hample recovered Rodriguez's 3,000th hit, a solo home run against the Detroit Tigers on Friday.

Hample said that after the team's head of security offered some items for the ball, he declined, and then met with Randy Levine and Lonn Trost in Levine's office.

Levine had asked Hal Steinbrenner if the Yankees had an interest in pursuing Rodriguez's ball. Steinbrenner said they did, but a deal was not struck on Friday.

On Monday , the two sides met again. Yankees spokesman Jason Zillo said "substantial progress" had been made in finding common ground with Hample, who works with a charitable organization called Pitch In For Baseball.

"I'm flattered," Rodriguez said.

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Orioles Hope To Add Starter Extend Hardy - RealGM Wiretap
The Baltimore Orioles are hoping to reach an extension with J.J. Hardy and add a veteran starter before the start of the season.

Dan Duquette said that the sides were "starting to work on" a new deal for Hardy , who is entering the final year of a three-year, $22.25 million deal.

Baltimore has been linked to starters Bronson Arroyo and A.J. Burnett this month.

Film Making Film Making October 13, 2013 | Author: Vickie Lamm | Posted in Education

An issue-oriented brief movie is one that has a theme of social significance at it’s core. Substance abuse, poverty , the environment, homelessness … these are all examples of a brief movie with a socially appropriate style. This is substantial as it is A LOT EASIER to get contributions of time, devices and supplies when there is a “cause” behind the film.

In the mid 90′s I was able to get a 12 minute 35mm movie produced for under a thousand dollars, an absolutely uncommon quantity. Catering , areas, film stock and processing, misc materials, equipment – almost every little thing was covered with generous donations due to the fact that the film had two major social concerns as the main themes – kid abuse and it’s resultant connection to drug abuse later in life.

The strategy? Go through manufacturing directories and cold call till you cannot speak anymore. A typical pitch went like this: “we’re working on a film that takes care of some pretty intense social issues and we’re questioning if there’s someone we can talk to about making a contribution of …” It takes a great deal of calls , however it works.

Getting donations is in one sense rather simple as numerous manufacturing business want to contribute. The problem that comes from this alternative to brief film financing is in the added coordination efforts needed, for you’ll have to adapt your schedule to the benefactors. An example of this is that we needed to cancel a movie shoot 2 weekends in a row due to the fact that the 35mm camera that was being contributed to us became not available as it was booked out on a paid shoot (a reality that has to be accepted taking this strategy). However as quickly as the rental company’s schedule cleared up, the camera was ours and we had the ability to shoot, conserving hundreds of dollars in rental costs.

An additional problem with taking this course is manufacturer sychronisation. It’s better if you have an unique producer working with acquiring contributions as it’s a full time job in and of itself. It’s finest to have one manufacturer to handle shooting logistics and another to handle contributions. In the end , while our group had the ability to complete a lot with very little funds, the movie suffered since the directorproducer (myself) was exhausted with handling logistics and had less time to invest on imaginative shots, acting, and so on. Having a distinct producer to handle donations will solve that issue!

This contributor is very knowledgeable on the matter of Film Fundraising. Please take a glance at their website or blog to discover even more.

Pain Free Bundy Has Full Range Of Motion - RealGM Wiretap

Dylan Bundy is experiencing no pain in his forearmelbow area and has full range of motion roughly four weeks after receiving a platelet rich plasma injection.

Bundy was dealing with right flexor mass tightness.

Bundy will have to be evaluated by renowned surgeon Dr. James Andrews one more time before he can take his rehab process a step further.

Mets Would Love To Trade Johan Santana - RealGM Wiretap

The Mets would love to trade Johan Santana , who has $31 million remaining on his contract.

New York would undoubtedly help pay a good chunk of what Santana is owed over the remainder of his deal.

Santana had a 4.85 ERA in 21 starts in 2012. He struck out 111 batters in 117 innings.


Suggestions on Acquiring Watches On the internet The web has paved the way in which for enterprise savvies to promote items on the internet. With just several mouse clicks , you may virtually acquire something on-line from anyplace you could possibly be on the planet! Be it footwear, clothing , bags, publications , even luxurious items like watches! Getting products on the web is just not only hassle-free; it is also trouble free of charge too! You do not must go personally within the store to purchase a thing, which absolutely saves you time and work. Nevertheless , getting products on the web specifically products which can be useful like designer watches may be quite dangerous. That is why you ought to actually be cautious when buying on the internet to ensure that you will get the very best worth for the cash. Allow me share to you personally some ideas that you simply must place in thoughts when getting products on the internet.

one. Discover a lot more regarding the on-line store by studying the About Us segment of their internet site. There you'll be able to understand how the enterprise began and their eyesight like a organization. By studying far more in regards to the organization, a lot more or much less you can understand how extended the organization is working. The extended the organization continues to be working implies the enterprise is genuinely a reliable 1.

two. Analysis on discussion boards and examine for evaluations around the on the internet store. It pays to perform a qualifications verify.

three. Examine when the site features a return coverage. It truly is extremely critical to get products inside a retailer using a return coverage. Purchasing on-line does not offer you the likelihood to match the merchandise that you will purchase so it is essential to purchase within a shop using a return coverage in order that you are able to return your merchandise if it does not match or when the merchandise is faulty.

four. Examine when the site retains all their customers' info strictly confidential. You might verify this on their privateness coverage area. It really is extremely critical to transact using a retailer that retains all of your private info most of all your credit score card info confidential.

five. Verify for certification seals including BBB or VeriSign. Internet sites which are accredited by BBB or VeriSign are 100% respected internet sites and therefore are regarded as secure to transact with.

six. Ensure that you just have all of the get in touch with data with the on-line store. Like that if at any time some thing goes incorrect someplace alongside the transaction or when you have queries and also other issues , you could possibly make contact with them simply.

seven. Examine for client testimonies. Some web sites although fabricate testimonies and make them seem as true so this component is optional.
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Submitted 2012-03-29 10:35:07 Although blogging in its own right does hardly ever sound ach and every complicated,you may have most of the is due to about whether or not your family are many of the new to going to be the popular available on the internet activity. The major regarding this article is that often to learn more about show all your family members easiest way you too can make your many of the new your corporation a raving famous as well as in your market.

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Your readers should be able to get a multi functional feeling relating to a multi function well-bonded community when they visit your your internet business An inactive your enterprise not only can they be on the lookout a little as though a multi function empty ghost town. Discussion among each a number of other tends to be that invaluable and so provides you with the your readers going to be the tools to explore are limited to as a consequence Your your website gives all your family members an opportunity for additional details on supply your readers a multi function are secure to do with community and belonging. You not only can they purchase regular visitations both to and from readers that believe they are part concerning your community. The kind to do with bonding you can have your readers experience in the fi.
The reason why Security Deposit is essential in Leasing? The reason why Security Deposit is essential in Leasing? January 31 , 2013 | Author: Tony Burnell | Posted in Business
Probably, the tenants and also landlords often have different views of exactly what the security deposit on a rental home represents. Just about any landlord who manages lease revenue accommodation, and therefore, rents to tenants, has to contract with protection build up. So , what is a Security Deposit? Well, it is cash that your tenant deposits to you up against the long-term cost of problems which they could cause to the property. In this article the comes to know why is this security deposit is really important in leasing a home, as well as the factors which is to feel cautioned while collecting this safety deposits.

Being a landlord there are mostly five factors which are to be dealt with while writing Lease Forms:

1). First are the amount of security deposit.

2). When this security deposit to be repayable.

3). If in case there is any rate of interest, what would be the rate of interest? Whether or not, this interest might be paid along together with the deposit.

4). Precisely what conditions warrant whenever tenants will forfeit all or perhaps part of the deposit

5). Whenever the deposit is refunded if or when tenants match all regards to the lease

Basically , this security deposit is a protective covering from the tenant missing out, being evicted or causing damage to the property. The landlord or representative should render alert the tenant within the endure 2 months of tenancy that an inspection is produced prior to move-out to determine the problem of the home. Apartment Lease Forms will provide the tenant time to make any treatments that may be necessary for move-out.

You need to remember that landlords render their financial estimations based upon the quantity of tenants they have. To get a tenant who breaches their lease unexpectedly can leave a landlord hunting at an extremely actual fiscal reduction. The security deposit helps by providing all of them with some insurance coverage for these kinds of situations. Of the landlords are business individuals and also need to shield their particular best interests. Requiring a security deposit might seem like some sort of unreasonable price tag to pay out, yet if you consider the expenses that landlords undertake whenever leasing their accommodation you can easily understand why these types of build up are needed.

Therefore, Security Deposit are a valuable tool that can help safeguard landlords against damage brought by tenants, however they come having a certain degree of duty. Managing them in the correct manner keeps things running smoothly as well as make you stay in the ideal side of the law.

Tony Burnell is a freelance writer and he has written many articles on rental forms

Taking care of a child will never be straightforward. Samuel Layfield
Submitted 2014-01-14 18:18:25 There are many aspects that come into play when having a boy or girl such as the finances for the little one and also their clothing. Having a child needs much focus and efforts to provide him or her up properly. The infant has to be well clothed also. Youngsters have a tendency to get cold easily therefore dressing up them appropriately is important. The materials and size play a part as well; this is because babies are inclined to have sensitive skin that might lead to rashes and scars. Parents have to be aware of these factors to ensure the safety of their child.
Since most Singaporeans are active , they don't appear to have time to shop for their child's outfits while taking care of them. They would rather go online and look for websites that do offer a catalogue of clothes which they can choose from. This catalogue will show the different sizes and prices that they offer. By using this way, they are able to look for their shopping items on the go, while doing their other duties. Life of a parent is never ever easy, the safety of the child will always come first and going store shopping would be a challenge. With the help of online stores, it would be very convenient for them.
Luckily today in Singapore , there are many stores that do offer online shops for children clothes. One of the popular ones would be Dreams Avenue. They offer a wide range of outfits at inexpensive price. They accommodate to the needs of parents who are looking for baby clothes and kid's clothes for both boys and girls. Their kids clothing are of high quality and made from materials that are safe for kids to wear. They do not only offer apparel for kids, but also toys and gifts. These services will definitely help the parent of any child with their shopping needs. The services that Dreams Avenue offer are also of very high standards. This is certainly the reason for their success. With great customer service and products at affordable price, this is one of the best online store in Singapore.

Author Resource:- Visit their site for additional information: Baby Clothes Singapore, Childrens Gifts, Children Clothes.
Article From Article Directory Database Corporate Charitable Donations June 24 , 2012 | Author: alfasteak | Posted in Business

Since this primary undertaking dealt with charity consciousness and donations, quite a lot of my research was focused in that arena. Charities and public service applications are the most common form of non-revenue organizations, and have the most awareness and visibility of.

Tips For Shooting Lifestyle Photography Carley Tagaloe
Submitted 2014-08-31 17:39:39 Life-style photography is , I believe, the most honest forms of capturing a moment - a sense of care-free as well as rawness can seep through in each shot. Photographing the world as a mere spectator of small interactions between people and the world around them. It s an artistic method of photographing the genuine side of folks, those candid moments as they happen in an effortless wave.

Life-style photography has a few branches in it. There tend to be those mere moments in the life in that you had the camera with you as well as you happen to capture a time around you as it happened, and then there are those lifestyle sessions you booked with a family or perhaps couple that you are trying to incorporate that sense or perhaps rawness.

Now, when is that time with your client(s) just a posed photograph intended to look such as a life-style photo as well as whenever is it a real lifestyle session? Whenever you re clients aren t doing something they usually do vs. something they do on the norm, that s the difference. Which brings my first tip!

1. Incorporate the Real

When you re talking to your own client about places and tips, allow them choose something they enjoy doing together and let them choose the place. Maybe it s a local park they like to frequent, a beach they go to on the weekends, a great ice cream shop they visit on occasion , or simply as simple as their own home. The put has a lot to do with simply how real the photographs will look. They are not going to have the same connection with a park, a beach or perhaps a store you chose versus. someplace they frequent together.

2. Zoom In For Details

Those small details tend to be simply as important as the big picture. The tangible textures, that when your own client looks back at them, they ll be able to remember it as if it had been yesterday. A child s feet, grabbing onto mom s hand, the decor around the house or in a child s space, a memorable toy, the family dog s wet nose, the cat stretching after a lengthy nap , icing from the cake all over the kid s mouth - don t be scared to zoom in, these tend to be special details.

3. Be Prepared, Stay On Your Toes

Have your camera on hand, there s no time to be thinking about reflectors as well as lighting, the light will change throughout the whole shoot as you ll be on their schedule as well as moving about, so be ready to move with the flow. If you re too concentrated on the technical side of points, you ll miss a great deal of those golden moments. Understand your settings beforehand. Also, make sure you have enough memory cards thus you don t find your self deleting pictures to clear up room as you go, and burst mode is the friend as it will certainly catch moments that your eyes might miss.

4. Blurred Lines

Moments aren t suppose to be completely sharp in lifestyle sessions , thus if you come across a photograph that has a bit of blur, don t discard it. You have to deal with the available light, as well as occasionally it might be limited, or perhaps you might be shooting indoors; there will also be a good deal of movement, so blurriness will be present and that s ok. Getting that shutter-speed high enough might be difficult at times, however you can work it to your advantage.

5. The Observer versus. The Director

You need to discover a good balance between being the observer with a camera, and being the director. You need to capture that genuine moment, however how do you get enuine whenever your client feels awkward because they don t know what to do or exactly what to expect?

Encourage them, with positive reinforcement! Once you start encouraging your own topic , they ll feel more comfortable and the honest thoughts will start showing. If a person knows they look great, they will feel great. Additionally, incorporate an activity, when people are concentrated in doing something together, they ll forget you re there. Tell them to sing their favorite song together, possibly somebody in the family plays an instrument and can bring it along, have dad tell the kids some stories, etc. Author Resource:- Author: NateHartStudios
http:www.natehartstudios - Stock Photography & Fine Art Photography brought to you by photographer Nate Hart.
Article From Article Directory Database Tips On Purchasing Law Enforcement Uniforms Fort Myers Tips On Purchasing Law Enforcement Uniforms Fort Myers December 12, 2014 | Author: Jocelyn Davidson | Posted in Business
Security is very important to all regions and those who are offering these services must be dressed properly. This gives them comfort to help do their duties effectively. There are several companies offering these attires , but you must ensure to find one that has a good deal. When looking for quality law enforcement uniforms Fort Myers companies can be found online.

Dressing the security officers appropriately is very important. The best clothing to give these personnel must be durable and flexible to help them move easily when on duty. Because of this, you should consider certain factors when choosing such garments.

There are several dealers offering such clothes. This is good news, but you must also understand that, not all dealers have quality products to be bought in bulk. Because of this reason, it is recommended to carry out a proper search in the area to find the best dealer. You will find wholesalers as w.

Sources Marlins Discussing Jose Fernandez With Dodgers Two Others - RealGM Wiretap
Despite consistently denying reports that they would consider trading Jose Fernandez , sources tell Jayson Stark of ESPN that the Miami Marlins are talking with the Los Angeles Dodgers -- and at least two other teams -- about a potential trade.

The Marlins, however, are believed to have put such a high price on Fernandez that any potential trade would be considered a long shot.

A official from one club suggested that Miami is looking for as many as five players in return for the young right-hander.

“I don't know if they'll wind up trading him," said an executive of one club that spoke with the Marlins. "But if they do, I'm betting that's where he goes -- to the Dodgers."

The Importance of Jewelry within Women's Lives Mccaffity Jaureguy
Submitted 2014-02-03 09:59:46 Everyone has a need to look gorgeous and smart. In order to fulfill this want, he she use the beautiful gowns and use diverse accessories. Specifically, women adopt various techniques to look gorgeous and fairly. Most of the females prefer personalized Jewelry to put on so that they can appear amazing. In the lives of women, jewelry contains much importance, because they are passionate with jewelry. Jewelry is an indication of feminism. Jewelry enhances the women's pure beauty. Jewelry enhances the interior beauty of ladies by masking their neck of the guitar, ear, forehead, heads and hands.

Really , there is no comparison of jewelry along with other accessories. Each culture knows the importance of jewelry as it is the part of every culture. People of each and every tradition are using jewelry for adornment since centuries. Personalized Jewelry for example earring, bracelets, necklaces, necklaces and rings contain their own importance.

One can understand about the significance of jewelry by going through the historical past. In the period of contingency, jewelry has been considered as a burglar alarm for people as well as for the love purpose.
If we talk about the personalized bracelete, you can use it as a gift. Personalize bracelete can be given as gifts to your family members. It is the greatest and lovely reward, because it is so versatile.

Marriage jewelry has its own appeal. Bride appears incomplete without having wearing jewelry. Traditional jewelry makes the wedding brides more gorgeous and fairly. Both form of jewelry either gold or silver can be wear by the wedding brides that increases the beauty of bride. The appearance of bride depends upon the particular bridal jewelry. Each piece of the particular jewelry meant for the bride to be.

In this chronilogical age of technology, web has snapped up the attention of individuals. Internet is not only the source of information, but a platform regarding online purchasing as well. Every product such as attire, accessories, kitchen appliances, shoes as well as jewelry and others are often available on the internet. The web stores offer the best discount rates with reward and door to door facility.

If you're willing to choose the personalized ring or other add-ons by sitting in your own home , you can go to the net. In the world of web, various online shops have been launched which are fulfilling the services of online selling. The actual rates with online purchasing are also sensible. The jewelry for guys is also offered at the online retailers. All types of jewelry are available on the web stores at sensible rates. Numerous personalized jewelry either personalized ring or even personalized bracelet together with crystal styles are also available on the internet.

What are you looking forward to? Now take into account personalized Jewelry as the outstanding gift for you. All the types of gold and silver jewelry can be obtained on the web stores. Author Resource:- Personalized Jewelry such as earring, bracelets, pendants, necklaces and rings contain their own importance. For more information visit
Article From Article Directory Database External shutters and also security Folta Stalma
Submitted 2014-03-12 09:29:31

The simplicity customization of aluminium shutters is perhaps among the features and benefits it has over many other facilities used in the home. Shutters could be amazingly customized to collection your needs and specs. Their wide selection of application can be worthy of be aware as you can make use of them in many ways in your home. Shutters also exist in different styles as possible find external shutters along with styles just like solid, perforated and window slats. Their particular styles and also applicability make sure they are the best supplies for your eye-port, doors and even passageways. When employed outdoors, you can be certain to create a cynosure of attraction in your house and make it an perfect example of excellence owing to the glossy character of shutters.

Aluminium shutters work best for your home because they combine three important functions needed for every home. These functions include strength, function and wonder. As a matter of fact, when found in your home, shutters will certainly confer to your house these characteristic features as well as functionality. This will make the home quite exceptional .

Mbabei scored 14 goals for the youngest player
If Hibernian had not ended an epic, 114‑year wait for Scottish Cup success last May, this kind of semi-final conclusion would have led onlookers to suspect Authentic Kings Womens Jersey a curse. Instead, the ovation as afforded to the Edinburgh club’s players in such painful defeat to Aberdeen acknowledged recent glory and a stirring recovery in this semi-final.Aberdeen have endured a curious gap of their own, of 27 since they took delivery of the Scottish Cup and 17 without reaching the final. The latter wait at least now over. Celtic or Rangers will lie in wait on 27 May.From the 86th minute of a pulsating semi-final, matters took a turn for the extraordinary. Jonny Hayes attempted a long-range shot which could barely have carried less threat before catching the back of Darren McGregor’s knee and bouncing into the Hibs net. Aberdeen were entitled to their jubilation; nobody remembers how semi-finals are won.This was to prove the crucial match moment but not the last one of note. The Hibs goalkeeper, Ofir Marciano, saw a header smartly saved on the dying act of the game. Neil Lennon, the Edinburgh club’s manager, subsequently swatted aside any notion that bad luck was the pertinent feature here. In short, Lennon was livid that his players had earlier afforded Aberdeen a two-goal start.“I don’t need your commiserations,” said Lennon in the opening gambit of an extraordinary press conference. “Gallant losers are losers. They’ll get no accolades from me. Maybe from the punters but not from me. They should have won the game, it’s not good enough.”Lennon branded his team’s opening to the semi-final as “pathetic” with only two players, Marvin Bartley and Dylan McGeouch, spared criticism. “The rest of them looked like the boy band they’ve been for the last three or four years,” the Northern Irishman said.In calm reflection, one hopes Lennon recognises what a positive contribution Hibs made. And this was an unforeseen one after an utterly disastrous star Just 11 seconds had passed when Adam Rooney fired Aberdeen ahead. Hibs, in proving why playing backwards straight from kick-off can be a dicey game, gave Rooney that opportunity on a plate as McGregor horribly botched a pass to Efe Ambrose.The goal had dual impact; Aberdeen were bullish with Hibs disjointed. What seemed a vital second goal given the early gulf between the sides was claimed by Ryan Christie, from a clever free-kick which suitably deceived Marciano at his near post. Lennon’s response was the removal of Fraser Fyvie – in truth, the Hibs manager could have permed any one from seven – with the veteran striker Grant Holt introduced. It was to prove an inspired move, Holt heading a terrific Martin Boyle cross home to haul his team back into the game before playing a key role in the equaliser.McGeouch drove brilliantly from midfield before playing a one-two with Holt and slamming Colton Parayko Jersey the ball beyond Joe Lewis. On the hour, and from the earlier brink of elimination, Hibs were carrying all momentum. Aberdeen’s swagger had regressed into a quiver.Hayes, who had been quiet until that point, should of course be praised for attempting the 25-yard shot which triggered Aberdeen’s winner. Nonetheless, the scale of the deflection was what rendered Marciano helpless.“It was a cruel way for Hibs to lose but we’ll take it,” said Aberdeen’s manager, Derek McInnes. “I think we deserve that because of how hard we have worked.”Not lost on McInnes is Aberdeen’s dismal showing in losing the League Cup final to Celtic earlier in the season. That harrowing Hampden experience appears to be adding to Aberdeen motivation.“I felt after the last final we had some making up to do,” McInnes said. “We’ve done it through our league form since the turn of the year but to reach a second Cup final in a season for an Aberdeen team who could hardly get to one final for many years, I’m so pleased.“Semis are all about getting through. Hopefully we can learn from the experiences we’ve had, certainly the last time we were here when it was the most sobering. There’s nothing worse when you know you haven’t turned up – we spoke in the dressing room after that game that the only way to feel better about this result is immediately getting back to a final. It’s only by revisiting finals, familiarising yourself with them, that you get used to them.”As Aberdeen pray for an alternative outcome, Hibs seemed to take solace at previously enjoying the very same.It remains a point of fascination as to where Moussa Dembélé will continue his career and how much of the speculation as to how many tens of millions the Celtic striker should command by way of a transfer fee is borne out by reality. It is impossible to ignore the standard Dembélé plays against in Scotland but he clearly has the attributes to play at a considerably higher level.Anyone watching his ineffectual performance at Ross County last week would scoff at the prospect of him being worth £30m but the 20-year-old, like Celtic as a whole, could be forgiven for winding down with the league title already secured. With youth, too, comes inevitable inconsistency.The bad news for Rangers is that Dembélé tends to reserve his best performances for marquee occasions. Manchester City encountered that much in the Champions League, just as Rangers suffered on account of a Dembélé hat-trick last September. When the Old Firm met on New Year’s Eve, Dembélé created the platform for Celtic’s win with an outstanding finish. When the old foes met on League Cup semi-final business, Dembélé was Celtic’s matchwinner.Clubs with more than a passing interest in Dembélé will inevitably focus on what he delivers at Hampden.Rangers’ recently appointed head coach has to recognise one thing; what his predecessor, Mark Warburton, did against Celtic in three matches this season cannot be replicated. Rangers did not win any of those games, after all. Recent off-field chaos doesn’t matter; it isn’t a long-term option for a Rangers manager to keep losing games to Celtic.Pedro Caixinha watched from the stand as Rangers earned a worthy draw at Celtic Park last month. Celtic have better players, particularly in attacking areas, than their city rivals; his task is not only to nullify that potency but find a way for Rangers to offer more in the final third.
The Rockets is not a person's team, it belongs to everyone
Through the tough game, the Rockets finally won the key victory, the big score rewritten as 3 to 1, hand match point, only one step MLB Max Pacioretty Camo Jersey will be able to qualify. Although the win, but the core Harden the game's state is not good, after the game, Harden admitted that he was suffering from an ankle injury. The whole Rockets on the Thunder series, the biggest surprise is Harden and Westbrook, the two most popular MVP this season between the duel. In today's game, Westbrook scored three pairs in the first half, the state is like God help, the other side of the Harden has formed a sharp contrast, the first three quarters only 8 points, 11 vote only 2.
"I had a sprained my ankle on the last game, which made me lose my predecessor, but it was not good, and I would not take an excuse for injury." Harden said in an interview.
"Every night he will bring us great help, tonight is only one of them.He both ends of the attack and defense have demonstrated their extraordinary strength, which is the reason we win. This is a winning team The Rockets is not a team of people, it belongs to everyone. Throughout the season, I have very much trust my teammates. "Harden said.
Everyone knows that Harden and Wei are rare Rockets thunderbolt, who can strangle each other, who will not far away from the victory. Tonight the state of the gap between the two so big, it seems the Rockets really want to hang, can replace the powerful firepower to make up for the core of the poor disadvantage, 64 points off the bench to become the key to winning the Rockets, Three playoffs three pairs of magic performance become empty cut.
Although the first three quarters because of injury, Harden has not been able to open Cheap Domantas Sabonis Thunder Jersey the situation on the offensive end, but he has fully played his ability to lead his teammates, through the ball for the Rockets to make contributions. Until the fourth quarter, Harden was back feel, 5 vote 3 get 8 points to help the team won the final victory.
To say that the game Rockets to play the best player was undoubtedly veteran inside, he played in 25 minutes in 12 shots, scored 28 points and 10 rebounds, but also tied the NBA history single game hit record The After the game about the excellent performance of his teammates, Harden also hesitate to praise the word.
hard time whether I should pull out, Armstrong sai
SAO PAULO -- The last time Neymar faced Colombia, he was sent off and went on a rant that led to a four-match suspension. The time before, he left the field on a stretcher with an injury that ended his World Cup at home.Neymar has no fond memories of those recent matches with the senior team. Now he hopes for better luck in the Olympics when Brazil and Colombia meet in the quarterfinals Saturday.A loss at the Arena Corinthians in Sao Paulo would mean another huge disappointment for the Brazilian star, who arrived at the Rio Games with the responsibility of leading the nation to its first gold medal in soccer.A good performance by Neymar is critical. To that end, he rested during Fridays practice because of a right ankle injury.We need him to be ready to play on Saturday, coach Rogerio Micale said.Neymar was provoked by opponents in the last two games against Colombia. He was ejected in the 1-0 loss in the group stage of the Copa America last year, eventually being suspended after confronting the referee in the tunnel to the locker rooms.At the World Cup, Neymar kept his cool during most of the match, but broke a bone on his back after being hit from behind in the final minutes. Brazil won 2-1 but Neymars tournament was over and the hosts eventually were eliminated in the infamous 7-1 loss to Germany in the semifinals.This is all part of the past, Micale said. Its a different moment. Im not worried about provocations. Neymar is provoked anywhere he plays, because of his quality. Players try to get to him, but he is used to that by now. He has matured and is well-prepared.Neymar struggled in the first two games at the Rio Games, when Brazil was held to scoreless draws by South Africa and Iraq. But he played well along with the rest of the team in the 4-0 win against Denmark on Wednesday, a result that prevented the hosts from another embarrassing elimination at home.The mentality wont change after this previous match, he said. Well give everything we have to help Brazil win the match and advance.Colombia made the quarterfinals by defeating title-favorite Nigeria 2-0 on Wednesday. It is relying on veteran striker Teo Gutierrez, who also played with the senior squad the last two times the teams met. He already has two goals at the Olympic tournament.We will be playing against a very good team, Micale said. We will need to be focused from the start to be able to play well against them and advance.---Tales Azzoni on Twitter: . His work can be found at Harry Giles Duke Jersey. Sulaiman, 44, was chosen unanimously Tuesday in a vote by the leadership, the World Boxing Council said. Sulaiman becomes the sixth president of the organization. A.J. Green Georgia Jersey. Howard Ganz, an MLB lawyer, said in a letter to U.S. District Judge Edgardo Ramos that Rodriguezs claims do not come "remotely close" to what is needed to overturn an arbitration decision in federal court. . - The Washington Redskins have cut defensive lineman Adam Carriker and punter Sav Rocca. Jimmer Fredette BYU Jersey. The incident occurred at 19:56 of the second period of the Kings 4-2 road win over Edmonton on Sunday. Nolan punched Oilers forward Jesse Joensuu in the jaw in front of the Kings goal during a scrum. Lache Seastrunk Baylor Jersey. Andreas Johnson had a goal and two assists while Jacob de la Rose also scored for Sweden (2-0-0). Esa Lindell and Rasmus Ristolainen replied for Finland (1-1-0) Lindell opened the scoring for Finland just 41 seconds into the game, but the hosts quickly regained their composure and tied the score less than four minutes later on Wennbergs first of the game. RIO DE JANEIRO -- One long-held truism of the Olympics is there are no medals for fourth place, only the crushing disappointment of coming oh-so-close to a life-changing step up the podium.If there were, the U.S. road cycling team would feel much better about the Summer Games.There have been six road cycling events the past two Olympics, including the mens and womens road races over the weekend. Three times the Americans have finished fourth, including the stirring and heartbreaking finish by Mara Abbott along Copacabana Beach on Sunday.After animating the race on the final climb of Vista Chinesa, and sweeping into the lead when Dutch rider Annemiek van Vleuten crashed hard on the descent, Abbott tried in vain to hold onto a slim advantage against three strong riders working together to catch her.They reached her within sight of the finish line.I knew it was probably going to come down to the wire, Abbott said later, her eyes dry but the signs of the tears that welled up still evident. I just didnt know which side.The two-man squad of Taylor Phinney and Brent Bookwalter hardly had aspirations in their race Saturday. The course suited neither and Phinney pulled out midway through to save himself for the time trial, though Bookwalter still finished 16th in what he considered a positive result.Still, it left the Americans ruing their misfortunes.At the London Games four years ago, Phinney was beaten by Alexander Kristoff in a sprint to the finish at Buckingham Palace for bronze. Four days later, he posted the fourth-fastest mark in the time trial at Hampton Court Palace to again finish just off the podium.That in part is why Phinney, a track cycling world champion, skipped the Touur de France and spent the past six weeks training specifically for Wednesdays time trial.ddddddddddddIt was a tough decision to pull out (Saturday) but I ultimately came to the conclusion that Im here to win a medal in the time trial, he said. Im not just here for the Olympic experience.The U.S. road team hasnt struck out entirely.Kristin Armstrong has won the past two Olympic time trials, and came out of retirement early this year to chase a third. She also pulled out of her road race before the finish.I thought I was going to have a really hard time whether I should pull out, Armstrong said, but I gave everything. I didnt have a second here I thought I could go any farther or harder.So I was just hoping and praying that my teammate could make it to the line and win gold, she said. I cant imagine being in her shoes right now.It was hardly a surprise that Abbott was in position to medal.The American womens road team was favored to win gold, but mostly because of the worlds top-ranked rider, Megan Guarnier, and world hour-record holder Evelyn Stevens. Yet the hard course with its brutal ascents was tailored perfectly for Abbott, one of the sports strongest climbers.The image of Dutch gold medalist Anna van der Breggen, silver medalist Emma Johansson and bronze medalist Elisa Longo Borghini chasing her down certainly made for captivating television.It also proved to be another gut-punch for the U.S. team.It feels awful, Abbott said, but at the same time, youre supported by a team thats worked so hard to help you win. We had a really amazing team here. Wholesale Jerseys  Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Authentic Jerseys From China Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys ' ' '
s pick: 55 percent CarolinaPublic perception: The publlic is still siding with the Pa
Each week, writer Brett Okamoto provides his take on the hottest topics in the world of mixed martial arts.This week, Okamoto squares off with UFC Hall of Famer Stephan Bonnar?to debate all things UFC 202 ahead of Saturdays pay-per-view card from Las Vegas. Bonnar (15-9), 39, retired following his 2014 loss to Tito Ortiz?under the Bellator MMA banner. He is the host of The Final Round with Stephan Bonnar podcast.?1.?How much star power does Conor McGregor lose if he suffers a second consecutive loss to Nate Diaz at UFC 202?Bonnar: I dont get it. I mean, hes such a big star and its one thing to have your big star get the s--- kicked out of him once, but why do it again right away? It would be one thing if the fight was close but Conor is a 145-pound fighter. Diaz is a big guy. Conor got full extension on his punches, hit him with his best shots and Diaz laughed at him. I dont get it. Yeah hes gonna lose star power. Honestly, I dont see this fight playing out too much different than the first. Conors got a big following in Ireland and people can say he was fighting out of his weight class, which is true if you look at what hes done at 145. Id say hell lose about 20 percent of his star power but its recoverable. Hell lose it short term but not long term.Okamoto:?Keep in mind: McGregors star power could diminish by half and hed still have more than just about anyone on the UFC roster. So, take this with a grain of salt -- but yes, his star power would take a significant hit. Honestly, it shouldnt. Casual fans seem to hold MMA fighters to an impossibly high standard. Like Bonnar said, McGregor is fighting outside his weight class and taking risks. Whatever happens, hes still the featherweight champion of the world. He still knocked out Jose Aldo in 13 seconds! Losing to Diaz twice shouldnt kill all the momentum he built but the reality is that it would to a certain degree. Like Bonnar though, I do think any star power McGregor might lose, hed have an opportunity to get it back.2.?Win or lose, McGregors next fight should be a featherweight title unification bout against Aldo. Agree or disagree?Bonnar:?Absolutely. Conor should be back fighting at 145 right now. He shouldnt be fighting out of his weight class. I dont understand why hes doing it. Diaz is rangy, tall -- hes unlike anyone else Conor would be facing at 145. So, yeah, Conor needs to go back to 145.Okamoto:?Im surprising myself a little here ... but I disagree. If he loses, yes, go back to 145 and defend your title. If he wins, Id have interest in him fighting Eddie Alvarez for the 155-pound championship. That was where this whole thing started, before Rafael dos Anjos broken foot turned everything upside-down. I dont mind seeing McGregor get that opportunity. Hes undefeated at 145. And not only is he undefeated, he has been dominant at that weight. If he beats Diaz, hed be coming off a quality win against a former lightweight title challenger. There are definitely worthy contenders already at lightweight, but not one that truly stands above the rest. Khabib Nurmagomedov is the closest thing, but he has been inactive. If McGregor wins, I dont mind him chasing a second title at all.3.?If McGregor wins and evens his rivalry with Diaz, how soon should the UFC promote a trilogy?Bonnar:?No thoughts on this because its not gonna happen. I hope the betting odds come out and, you know, Nate is only a small favorite and not a 4-1. I think its a pretty safe bet. Its not gonna happen, Conor winning this fight. If it somehow did, for MMA? Oh, itd be awesome. The trilogy would have to be the following fight and it would draw record numbers. Thats the best thing that could happen for this sport is Conor pull off the upset and have a trilogy fight.Okamoto:?You could argue they would owe it to Diaz to do it right away. As Diaz has mentioned numerous times leading up to this rematch, where were his rematches? He lost fights in the past and the UFC moved on, never giving him an opportunity to right some of those wrongs. On the other hand, I dont think youd do it right away. In fact, I think its better for everyone, Diaz included, if you dont do it right away. It will always have legs. Always. Thats the good thing about a 1-1 rivalry, you can go back to it pretty much any time. So, if McGregor wins, Id say move on, book McGregor to a 155-pound title fight. Book Diaz to another big-name fight. Let the want build up to see this again, maybe a year or even two down the line.4.?If Diaz wins, whom should he fight next?Bonnar:?I think he has got a lot of pull after this. Conor has really given Nate some huge paydays. Compared to the other guys Nate has fought in the division -- he has been in some solid fights -- but main eventing a card against a star like that really gives you a heck of a lot of power. If he wins, which I think he will, it needs to be a big fight. Id say, why not give him a title shot at 155 pounds against Eddie Alvarez? Stylistically, I dont like that matchup for him, but star power-wise, he has got to main event a fight. His weight class is really 155. He does well at 170, but Id say the next fight for him would be a title fight at 155.Okamoto:?Yep, Alvarez for the lightweight title. I guess that means I vote for the winner of this fight (whoever it is) to face Alvarez. Again, that goes back to my opinion that there are several solid contenders in this division but no one who truly, truly stands out. And I have a great deal of love for Nurmagomedov, but I dont have to see him in a title fight right now. Have him win one more against a highly ranked opponent and then I will feel that way. Alvarez wants to fight Diaz because he knows its a big fight. The two have history. Its a sellable fight and Diaz would deserve it.5.?Anthony Johnson and Glover Teixeira?will meet?in the UFC 202 co-main event. Which one is a greater threat to Daniel Cormiers?light heavyweight title?Bonnar: Anthonys punching power is the best shot. That guy catches you, hes putting you out. We saw him land that overhand right on Cormier [at UFC 187 in May 2015, Cormier won via submission] and it surprised him. Cormier said, Wow, this guy can hit. I better not mess around too much standing with him. The fight between Johnson and Glover is really interesting. Glover is really solid on the ground but if he cant out-wrestle you -- Anthony Johnsons hips are so strong, Glover is not gonna be able to take him down. I think Anthony, defensively, is a phenomenal wrestler and offensively, I think hes better than what weve seen. We rarely see him use it. If hes smart, hell use his offensive wrestling to make it easier. I think he has the stronger hips and better wrestling than Glover.Okamoto:?I agree with Bonnar here, too. I would favor Cormier against either of them, but Johnsons punching power makes for a dicey title defense. That doesnt mean I wouldnt enjoy a Cormier-Teixeira fight, though. Teixeira is dangerous in multiple areas and even though hed be at a complete disadvantage from a wrestling standpoint against Cormier, I dont think it would be to the extent where it would essentially ruin the bout -- as in, Cormier taking him down so easily itd be a drama-free snoozefest. In other words, I believe Teixeira could at least give Cormier a challenge. But if one has a better shot at beating Cormier than the other, I think its clearly Johnson. Danny Shelton Browns Jersey. Siddikur, whose previous win on the circuit came in Brunei three years ago, finished his bogey-free round with a birdie on the 18th for a total of 17-under 199. Indias Shiv Chowrasia, who has finished runner-up in this tournament twice, was in second place after a 66. Jim Brown Jersey. LOUIS -- Roman Polak was celebrating even before Alexander Steen scored the winning goal in Saturdays 4-2 win over the Carolina Hurricanes. . "Theyve both been real good," said Babcock. "Havent changed our minds." A decision has seemingly been made - Sundays Group B-deciding tilt against Finland ahead - but it could not have been an easy one. Price opened the tournament with a sturdy 19-save performance against the Norwegians, yielding just one goal. Jamar Taylor Youth Jersey. In the response filed Wednesday to the complaint by 30-year-old Alexander Bradley, attorneys say the former University of Florida player is invoking his Fifth Amendment right that protects people from incriminating themselves. Danny Shelton Womens Jersey. Argentina winger Ezequiel Lavezzi and France midfielder Blaise Matuidi scored, with star striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic setting up both despite having a poor game by his high standards. Forward Eduardo gave Ajaccio the lead in the sixth minute after being set up by right winger Benjamin Andre, and the Corsican side looked comfortable in the first half, with the lively Johan Cavalli causing problems with his probing runs from midfield. 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NEW YORK -- Charles Barkley didnt want Kevin Durant to join the Golden State Warriors and isnt sure Durant changes things now that hes there.In Barkleys mind, the Warriors are still a flawed team.Let me say this: I still think they got some of the same issues this year with that team, Barkley said Tuesday.Can they rebound the ball? Theyre going to still be shooting jumpers. Theyre not going to get any low-post scoring. Can that type of play hold up through the rigors of the NBA playoffs? Im still going to say the same thing Ive always said: No.The Warriors won a record 73 games in the regular season but blew a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals and lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Golden State then signed Durant, the former NBA MVP, in the offseason.Thats made the Warriors the favorites to regain the title they won in 2015, though Barkley said they were lucky then because their road was filled with teams weakened by injuries. Cleveland was already without Kevin Love in those Finals and lost Kyrie Irving near the end of Game 1.The Cavs were healthy last year, and Barkley picked them to beat the Warriors.When I told you they couldnt play that little small ball and win a championship if everybody they played was healthy, that theyd wear down, and they did. I told you Cleveland was going to beat them and they did, Barkley said during a lunch before TNTs Inside the NBA studio team was elected to the Broadcasting Hall of Fame.Barkley and the team will host their show Tuesday night in Cleveland outside Quicken Loans Arena, where the Cavaliers will receive their rings before facing New York in their season opener. The Warriors will play San Antonio in the nightcap of TNTs doubleheader.Barkley, a Hall of Fame player who never won a championship, was disappointed that Durant left Oklahoma City for an easier chance at a title with the star-studded Warriors, who have two-time MVP Stephen Curry and fellow All-Stars Klay Thompson and Draymond Green.If they win, Barkley said, the title wont mean as much to Durant as it would have in Oklahoma City, where he had played since the Thunder franchise moved from Seattle in 2008 after his rookie season. Durant has been booed in rival arenas since his decision and has angered some of his former fans with what appeared to be criticisms of Russell Westbrook and his former team.Hes made himself a villain by taking all these shots at Oklahoma City for no reason. Theres no reason for that, Barkley said. He left, hes happy, shut up. When youre taking shots at Russell and those guys, thats not necessary. Rod Woodson look back at each of the Top 10 stories of 2013. Today, we look back at Boston Strong - a citys recovery from tragedy. Javon Hargrave Womens Jersey. Q: Team Canada announces their Olympic roster three weeks from today. Who is general manager Steve Yzerman watching? LeBrun: Over the last 48 hours, hes taken in the home-and-home between the Dallas Stars and Colorado Avalanche with Jamie Benn and Matt Duchene being the obvious targets. .com) - Yankee Stadium is the home of the Bronx Bombers, but on Sunday afternoon it will open its gates to host the latest addition of the Hudson River Rivalry. Steelers Jerseys. Anthony Calvillo, through 20 CFL seasons, was frequently invincible and largely stoic in the heat of competition. But underneath the professional exterior he was, and is, compellingly human. Jack Butler Steelers Jersey. Francis told several hundred members of the European Olympic Committees that when sport "is considered only in economic terms and consequently for victory at every cost . NEW YORK -- Major League Baseball suspended umpire Fieldin Culbreth for two games on Friday because he was in charge of the crew that allowed Astros manager Bo Porter to improperly switch relievers in the middle of an inning. Culbreth and the rest of his crew -- Brian ONora, Bill Welke and Adrian Johnson -- were also fined an undisclosed amount after MLB admitted its umps goofed for the second straight day. "The rule covering pitching changes was not applied correctly by the umpiring crew," MLB said in a statement. Culbreth and his crew worked the Padres-Rays game in Tampa, Fla., on Friday night. He told a pool reporter after the game that he takes "all the responsibility" for what happened. As for the discipline? "I look at it that baseball has high standards for their umpires and I have high standards for myself and I didnt meet those standards last night, so I am absolutely OK with everything," he said. The problem in Houston came a day after Angel Hernandez and his crew in Cleveland failed to reverse a clear-cut home run after looking at a video review. MLB executive vice-president Joe Torre said the umpires made an "improper call." Hernandez was booed when the umpires were introduced Friday night before the Washington Nationals hosted the Chicago Cubs. Its recently been a rough run for umps. Crew chief Tom Hallion was fined earlier this month after getting into a verbal spat with Tampa Bay pitcher David Price. The latest trouble occurred in the seventh inning at Minute Maid Park. And while baseball does have video replay for some hard-to-tell calls -- and has talked for a couple of years about expanding its scope -- there was no mistaking what umpires saw. With two outs and the Astros ahead 5-3, Houston reliever Wesley Wright came in from the bullpen and threw several warmup pitches from the mound. Porter, a first-year manager, then ran onto the field to stop him and brought in another reliever, Hector Ambriz. Angels manager Mike Scioscia argued, correctly contending Wright was required to pitch to at least one batter. But the umpires permitted Ambriz to stay in and Scioscia put the game under protest -- it became moot when the Angels rallied to win 6-5. Scioscia wasnt surprised by MLBs stern ruling. "One thing I have found is that in the course of, especially with Joe Torre and Major League Baseball, that I think there is accountability," he said Fridaay in Chicago.dddddddddddd "That might not always show its face but I know behind the scenes its there and this is one example." Pinch-hitter Luis Jimenez was on deck when Wright entered. Once Ambriz took over, Scott Cousins came up as a pinch-hitter. On Friday, Porter was upset that he caused the problem. "Personally, I want to apologize to their whole crew for putting them in that position," he said. "Its unfortunate for the game of baseball." A day later, Culbreth tried to explain what happened. "We just got to cross-sectioning different rules within the changing of a pitcher, and just had a hard time getting back on track from that," he said. "We got confused." Porter said he spoke with Culbreth after the game and apologized to him when he realized he was wrong. But he still wanted to make a public apology. "There are some repercussions, and again as I sit here today, its more that I feel sorry for the crew chief and the crew for having to wear what it is that happened last night," Porter said. Culbreth said Porters mistake was not the problem. "I look at it that the players and the managers, they go out and play the game and it is our job, whether they are knowingly or unknowingly getting outside the boundaries to get them back in, and I fell short of keeping them inside those lines," Culbreth said. "And that falls on me." Wright, one of the pitchers involved in the fiasco, thinks its unfortunate that Culbreth was suspended. He said when it happened; he figured he was going to have to stay in to face a batter. "When they told me I was out of the game I was just kind of like: Maybe I dont understand the rule," he said. "It was just one of those weird situations." A day earlier, a mistake in Cleveland caused a lot of commotion. Adam Rosales and the Athletics were certain hed hit a game-tying home run in the ninth inning against the Indians. Three umpires went to a video review and instead upheld the original call on the field that the ball didnt clear the left-field wall. Oakland manager Bob Melvin was ejected and was later contacted by MLB officials. The mistake drew attention all over the majors. Pittsburgh manager Clint Hurdle said hed never before seen an obvious miss despite replay. "This is the first one where there definitely is a line drawn where you go, Wow," he said. 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