Rays Willing To Wait For Wil Myers
White Sox Sign John Maryberry Jr - RealGM Wiretap The Chicago White Sox have signed John Mayberry canada goose jacka dam rea , Jr. to a Minor League contract. The New York Mets released Mayberry, Jr. after acquiring Juan Uribe and Kelly Johnson via trade last month. Rays Willing To Wait For Wil Myers - RealGM Wiretap The Tampa Bay Rays aren't hitting well in the season's first few weeks, but they are still willing to be patient with top prospect Wil Myers. "With any potential move there are a lot of factors to consider -- the fit on our roster, what it means for our depth canada goose jacka herr billigt , and so on," president Andrew Friedman said. "We also have to be really mindful that our goal is to compete year in and year out in the toughest division in baseball with almost no margin for error. The AL East will expose very quickly any weaknesses that you have. So when we bring someone here, we need to feel that he's ready to step in and help us win right away. 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