The team has made six league victories
Tottenham recent status is excellent, the team has made six league victories, standings second only to leader Chelsea ranked second. Bournemouth ranked No. 15, but the recent state is also good. The last one and a half only lost a field, last weekend home 1-3 loss to Chelsea. Compared to last weekend's league, Bocetino made some adjustments. Back to back four back, Walker replaced Terry Pierre first, Davis stationed on the left. Kane after the first start of the first appearance, to replace the first few episodes of Janssen. Recently performed a good goal again and again Sun Xing NBA Live Mobile Coins still starting debut. 6 minutes, Walker on the right pass, Kane before the right foot Tuishe was Boluo Lu denied. The first 13 minutes, Walker restricted area on the back knock, Deng Beili outside the restricted area outside the door 25 meters away kicked by Bo Puzi saved. 16 minutes, Erickson left the corner, no one hit the ball after the ball ball to fly to the right side of the restricted area, Deng Beilei stop the ball after the close Tuishe break, Tottenham 1-0, This goal is the first ball of the first day of the boarding day.

The first 19 minutes, Bournemouth backcourt siege not far, the ball play after the sun Xing ball into the restricted area with the speed off the opponent, the restricted area on the right side of the small angle volley break, Tottenham 2-0. Sun Xingjian into the 12th season of the season. The first 24 minutes, Bournemouth on the right out of the corner, Cook Road high leap header header slightly higher than the beam. The first 27 minutes, Stanislas on the right pass, around the Tottenham guard, the middle of the Fukui Qiangqiang Tuishe did not play is. The first 37 minutes, Kane closed the arc after the teammate's long pass crossed to Eriksson, the latter sideways to play too loud is Borruz sealed. Low 40 minutes, Sun Xing restricted area left cross knock, Eriksson Road follow the volley shot high. 42 minutes, Eriksson left two pass in the restricted area, Sun Xingzhong left foot volley shot too positive, Borruz squatting the ball clinging.


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