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I do not have a NBA 2K18 MT problem anymore.CADET 1: we should get more training? I do not think we are ready for combat.CADET 2: I lost my sergeant rifle.DRILL: It's not my job to prepare you for combat.CADET 1: We are the soldiers Sergeant DRILL: type. We do not expect you to kill anything, in fact, though.CADET 3: (for Cadet 2) Oh, I held two rifle by accident. Here, take one of mine. 2 trainee tries to take more gun trainee 3 but by the operator grabs. He fires a barrage of bullets into his chest, killing him. Cadet 1 and drill sergeant glimpse of the body, and then back at each other. CADET 1: What are we doing in the battle, and after that? Recon? ? Artillery Sergeant discovery DRILL: No, your job is to make pilots feel about themselves.Just then, Titan stomps on autopilot last line of students. Pilot and back-flips in the cockpit and straps himself in and even launch cigar.PILOT: SOP, walks off scrubs.The Titan. Cadets staring longingly at it.DRILL Sergeant: Some pilots are not very good at their jobs. This is where you come in there as a reminder that they can be much worse in their job.CADET 1.:. Pilots are going to protect us all Drill Sergeant: If they do, it is absolutely not accidental. CADET 3: I do not want to go to war anymore.DRILL Sergeant: Oh, relax. You're going to be backed up by an army of Android Almottagdmalsourh. Phantoms can fire more than one soldier accurate and even take more damage. Or maybe they just take more damage. I Forget.CADET 1: Why not just do the fighting instead of us? We can be responsible for the repair them.CADET 3 or supervision. Synergy.DRILL promote Sergeant: It will not succeed. I have to make robots feel about their abilities, too. CADET 1 robot with pride Sergeant DRILL: It is unclear. Android psychology field is still in its infancy. It can not hurt, though.The dropship ground nearby. Cadets reluctantly begin boarding an aircraft. Cadet 1 turns in front of a police officer. CADET 1: I just feel that you need to be a little more honest about everything, you know plates and dropship? Drill sergeant salutes where the craft take off. That decline seen in the sky, nodding to himself. Then he turned to face the new line of students who walk up.DRILL Sergeant: Cadets, it was my duty to refer to Cheap nba coins the grunts. More cheap coins in https://www.mtnba2k.com/


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