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ATLANTA -- The Atlanta Braves may not be finished with the dramatic overhaul of their rotation.General manager John Coppolella told The Associated Press on Wednesday he hopes to add another starting pitcher, even after agreeing to deals with veteran right-handers R.A. Dickey and Bartolo Colon last week.Chicago White Sox ace left-hander Chris Sale might be available in a trade. The Braves apparently would make top prospects available for Sale, an All-Star in each of the last five seasons who could be a trade target of many teams.The Braves have focused on young pitchers while trading such stars as Jason Heyward, Andrelton Simmons, Justin Upton, Evan Gattis and Craig Kimbrel in recent years. Coppolella said hes considering all options, including a trade involving prospects, in his search for another starter.We would like to add another starter if possible, but that will be more a function of market factors than any other factor, Coppolella said in a text message.Sale, 27, would be the new top name for a rotation that includes Julio Teheran, Mike Foltynewicz and Josh Collmenter as the team moves into new SunTrust Park in suburban Cobb County next year.Sale was 17-10 with a 3.34 ERA for the White Sox in 2016. He will earn $12 million in 2017. His contract includes club options at $12.5 million for 2018 and $15 million for 2019.Dickey, 42, and Colon, 43, are short-term links to such young starters as Sean Newcomb, Kolby Allard, Max Fried and Touki Toussaint. Some other young starters, including Matt Wisler, Aaron Blair and Tyrell Jenkins, already have made their Atlanta debuts.The Braves one-year, $12.5 million deal with Colon and one-year contract with an $8 million guarantee with Dickey wont be official until the players pass physicals.The deal with Dickey, the first of the 158 free agents to switch teams this offseason, was reached last Thursday. The agreement with Colon came one day later.Sale has five straight seasons with double-digit wins. The Braves had no starter with as many as 10 wins last season. The hard-throwing Foltynewicz led the team with a 9-5 record.Teheran, a two-time All-Star, is the leader of the rotation. The search for other proven starters has been the top offseason priority for Coppolella.The Braves finished last in the NL East in 2016 but won 50 of their last 97 games, leading Coppolella to say the rebuilding effort was ahead of schedule. The promotion of rookie shortstop Dansby Swanson helped the team win 20 of its last 30 games, earning interim manager Brian Snitker the full-time job. Pink Stan Smith Shoes Womens. PETERSBURG, Fla. White Stan Smith Shoes For Mens/Womens Sale. Scott Kazmir allowed four hits in seven shutout innings, Michael Brantley hit a two-run homer in a three-run first inning and the Indians maintained their hold on an AL wild-card spot with a 4-1 win over the Houston Astros on Saturday night. http://www.diskvoip.com/. It was just business as usual for the Thunder at home. Durant scored 32 points and the Thunder beat the Bulls 107-95 on Thursday night for their eighth straight win. White And Red Stan Smith Shoes Mens/Womens. Wall made the comment in a speech to a Regina business crowd that included Lesnar. The U.S. wrestler and retired mixed martial artist says he was visiting his brothers farm in Saskatchewan and decided he wanted to hear what the premier had to say. Ultra Boost 3.0 Core Black. Francis told several hundred members of the European Olympic Committees that when sport "is considered only in economic terms and consequently for victory at every cost . This story appears in ESPN The Magazines September 5 NFL Preview Issue. Subscribe today!A DRENCHED AND exhausted Matt Ryan walks off the Falcons steamy practice field and drops into his seat in the shade with an exaggerated groan. As if practicing in the Georgia heat werent hard enough, the nine-year veteran and three-time Pro Bowl passer also had to contend with his own offensive coordinator in coverage. Kyle Shanahan nearly broke the internet when he jumped in front of a Ryan pass floating toward the end zone -- the ensuing interception was a preseason gift for the ever-ready army of trolls. (Relax, everyone, the coach was actually teaching his rookie tight end about route depth.)Ryan laughed off the viral spiral. In 2015, even while struggling to grasp Shanahans new scheme, he still ranked fifth in passing yards (4,591) and was the NFLs most accurate passer under pressure. Which is why we thought hed be perfect to offer a tutorial on the current defensive evolution.THE MAG: Heres a number that jumps out: In 2012, there were seven QBs with an average release time under 2.5 seconds. ?In 2015, there were almost triple that, 20. Is that what defenses have done, forced nearly everyone on offense to move faster?RYAN: Pressure schemes are much different than they were nine years ago, no question about it. That pressure forces offenses to route-adjust and throw quicker and get the ball out of the QBs hands. For me, pressure is when they overload one part of your protection. If youre in five-man protection and youve got three guys blocking one way and two guys sliding the other and they figure out how to bring three guys to that short side? To me, thats pressure. Thats the biggest thing thats changed. Nine years ago, if you had five-man protection and they brought five people, there wasnt enough design on defense for them to still get you. Now defenses are dropping out tackles and ends, bringing certain linebackers on certain sides, all this extra design to make the numbers not right from a quarterbacks perspective. What you end up with is perceived pressure, which is just as bad. That part has been increasingly difficult and probably leads to why so many guys are getting the ball out quicker.Part of that new design is specialty personnel packages on what seems like every down now.In the past, it was all about third downs. Second downs, you never had to worry. Now you do. One of the areas thats changed is second-and-7 or second-and-long, where youre in a passing situation. Now you see a lot of specialty packages come out. Its much more prevalent. Early on in my career, we didnt even used to break down second-and-long. Thats how much things have changed.What does that look like from the pocket?It looks like nothing, and thats the challenge. Its now become about reading the defensive front, the way theyre lining people up. But it doesnt look like it has any kind of structure to it. Youve got five guys just walking around. Thats one of the things you see more and more of: nobody with their hand in the dirt. So now you come to the line of scrimmage and on top of everything else you have ?to first identify who the bigs [defensive tackles] are, who the ends are and who the linebackers are. Thats tough to do.The idea of a classic matchup between a teams best edge rusher and your giant left tackle seems so antiquated. Then you realize that it was, like, five years ago.Thats so different now. Defenses have changed in how they move those guys around so much to try to find your weakest spot and put their best guy there to expose that. When I was getting into the league, you knew exactly where Julius Peppers was gonna line up. But now, with guys like J.J. Watt -- he could be lined up outside, he could be on the left side, he could be on the right side, it doesnt make a difference. Hes an equal-opportunity pass rusher -- he goes after everybody from anywhere.Watt is also part of this new trend of hybrid defensive players.Thats probably the biggest change: hybrid guys. Look at our rookies: DeVondre Campbell [fourth-round pick from Minnesota]. You never used to see a linebacker like this, 6-4 and 232 and runs a 4.58. He flies. Back in the day, youd never have a tight end on a linebacker in third-down situations. It was always a safety walking up. But now with a guy like Keanu Neal [6-0, 211-pound rookie safety, ffirst-round pick from Florida], these guys are interchangeable.dddddddddddd You slide him outside and then theyve got you thinking, OK, now we need to pass-protect for a linebacker. Youre looking for the backer and then, instead, he covers the tight end and they bring a safety off the edge. They got me on that just the other day in practice.Has it gotten to the point where defenses force you to study and prepare and think so much that you end up with paralysis at ?the line of scrimmage?Thats why its so important now to throw everything out from the previous week. Delete everything from your memory and focus on just that next scheme -- thats the biggest thing now about being a quarterback. Every week its different schemes, different pressures, different hybrids to worry about, so its control-alt-delete and on to the next defense and then control-alt-delete and on to the next one, for the entire season. If you start seeing ghosts from past games or past schemes, youre just back there thinking too much, like, Is this this defense or that defense? Am I checking this play off this key or that key? Thats not what you want to happen.Besides the mental pressure applied by the defense, theres pressure on fundamentals to be as efficient as possible, right?The big thing in throwing now, you have to be able to throw from any platform because the timing of when things are open is really short and theres so many variables that affect your footwork. Your feet could be facing right, but things change or break down and now I need to throw left. My hips are facing this way, but, same thing, uh-oh, now I need to throw the other way. Footwork, flexibility, changing arm angles, all those things are very important now because you never really know how a pocket is going to shake out.If you were teaching a young QB to face this next generation of defenses, where would you start?See spots. Thats my thing now. The older Ive gotten, the more thats become my thing. Dont worry so much about where defenders should be or where theyre supposed to be or all those kinds of things. Just see spots. And design most of your pass plays to be spot-read instead of coverage-based. Instead of getting loaded down thinking, In this coverage, Im going here; in that coverage, Im going there. With so many hybrid players, so many variations of schemes and so much pressure up front and all the things that defenses can do, the way to combat all that is to see spots.Aaron Rodgers told me the game moves so fast now, all you really can read are flashes of space and color. Is that what you mean?Windows, yes. You start with a general idea of the coverage, but whats more important now is if youve got a post route thats going [to the deep middle], I need to be seeing this spot of the field, with ?this spacing, and if that windows not open within this certain timing, then you move on to that next spot and then to the next spot. Youve got to feel it now more than ever.Do these snapshots open and close like a camera lens? And can you prolong them?Yes, so the key becomes doing things like having your head facing this way to fool the defense, but actually Im looking at this lens over here, watching out of the corner of my eye to see if it opens, without showing the defense thats what Im doing. Being able to move somebody to create that little bit of extra space needed to fit ?the ball in there, thats whats important for quarterbacks now. Its about kinesthetic awareness. Spatial awareness. The game moves so fast now, understanding space by reading body language is probably the most important thing.Were into neurology and subconscious processing. I mean, when QBs get together, do you guys lament the good old simple days, like five years ago?We are under constant barrage in the pocket now. Facing it requires a certain feel, a sixth sense. Because the minute youre looking at the edge rush and not downfield, youre toast. Thats what separates quarterbacks now, the ability to process all that information in a millisecond, make a good decision based off that snapshot and then to physically be able to get the ball to where you want it to go.I just realized we havent even gotten to all the physical challenges of playing QB yet.Exactly. Wholesale Jerseys  Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Authentic Jerseys From China Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys ' ' '


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