On Tuesday, former Madden NFL 18 Coins
On Tuesday, former NBA star Gilbert Arenas posted a video on his Instagram of Madden NFL 18 Coins two lingerie-clad women playing basketball. It was followed by a sexist rant about how the WNBA should've been that video instead of what it is today, and he especially called out Skylar Diggins.You can find that Instagram post elsewhere on the internet. We won't bother sharing it here. We stand by the WNBA's statement, which called Arenas' post "repugnant, disrespectful and flat-out wrong." WNBA/NBA Statement Regarding Gilbert Arenas' Comments pic.twitter.com/yZ8Nga6weZ— WNBA (@WNBA) December 16, 2015Instead of dwelling more on Arenas' misguided rant, we'll share some things Arenas has missed by not watching the WNBA in its current form.Have you seen Diggins' highlight reel? You should. She's pretty awesome at basketball:The Chicago Sky's Elena Delle Donne had a hell of a season this year, where she achievedthe third-best player efficiency rating in WNBA history:And whenthe Minnesota Lynx won their third WNBA title this year, they popped bottles just like anyone would in any other sport, exceptPrince was there:So, to reiterate: the WNBA is just fine without your basketball fantasy, Gilbert Arenas. You can keep that Instagram video you posted to yourself, man.* * *SB Nation presents: Hey men, stop being awful to women in sportsThis Dwight Howard 'lowlight reel' is a new level of NBA schadenfreude - YouTube user Bootum Bootum had something in mind after Dwight Howard turned out a poor performance during Tuesday's Rockets-Kings game. Instead of making a Dwight Howard highlight reel for that game, he put out "lowlight reel," showing all the shots he bricked and Buy madden mobile coins all the penalties he incurred.To twist the knife even further, he set it to audiofrom the 2009 dunk contest, where Howard dressed up like Superman with praise from Kenny Smith. Ouch.(viaReddit)* * *SB Nation presents: DeAndre Jordan's thunderous dunk on Greg MonroeThe Spurs have changed, but they're really dominating the same way they always do - devours the tempting fruit of the three-point line, the Spurs are resisting its sweet nectar. As the rest of the league gives in to using perimeter players up front, the Spurs trot out lumbering big men. As the rest of the league rushes for quick shots, the Spurs are 27th in possessions per game.Perhaps it's this defiance of conventional wisdom that explains the Spurs' 2015-16 dominance. While the Golden State Warriors captured the sports world's attention, the Spurs snuck up on everyone else with a 21-5 start and a point differential that actually eclipses Golden State's. They squashed the young and promising.You can visit to our website https://www.maddenvip.com/


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