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A controversy has arisen over marathon runner OP Jaishas statements following the event in Rio. Jaisha, who had to be admitted to hospital after the event, says she was dehydrated because Indian officials did not organize her water and energy drinks during the race. The Athletics Federation of India (AFI) has, in response, said both the athlete and her coach - and the other runner, Kavita Raut - had, when asked a day before the event, declined any personal drinks.Jaisha had collapsed at the finish line after completing the marathon and had to be rushed to a hospital where her coach Nikolai Snesarev got into an altercation with one of the doctors and ended up being detained for half a day by the local police. She finished 89th in the event with a below-par timing of 2:47:19.On returning to India, she said that she was not provided any water and energy drinks by the officials even though designated stations were allotted to India. I could have died there, Jaisha told ANI.It was very hot there. The competition was at 9am, I ran in scorching heat. There was no water for us, neither recovery drinks nor food. Only once in 8kms did we get water (from the Rio organisers) which did not help at all. All the countries had their stalls at every 2kms but our countrys stall was empty, Jaisha said.We are supposed to be given drinks by our technical officials. We cannot take water from any other team. I saw the Indian board there but there was nothing. I fainted after the race and was administered glucose. I thought I would die, Jaisha said.My coach was very angry and he ended up arguing with the doctors. He thought I was dead. He pushed the doctor to enter my room because he knew he would be held responsible if anything happened to me.The runner claimed that she got no response from officials when she asked why water was not provided to her at the stalls. I asked officials why there was no water for us but I got no response. I dont know where they were or what they were doing. I was in a very bad shape, she said.However, the AFI gave a distinctly different version of events. A day before the marathon, we asked both Jaisha and her coach whether personal drinks would be needed and they declined, AFI secretary CK Valson told ESPN. We are not supposed to give water in any case; if we do, the athlete will get disqualified. They are supposed to pick it up from the table or take it from the volunteers.We did not have refreshment stations for the simple reason that they themselves said they wouldnt need personal drinks. If they wanted we could have easily provided them with refreshments.In a separate statement, the AFI explained the protocol in detail. Each team is allowed to keep their own personalised drinks on the booths, marked in a colour as per the choice of the team and athlete. Accordingly, as per the rule, on the night ahead of womens marathon race, the Indian team manager carried 16 empty bottles, eight each for Jaisha and Kavita Raut and visited the duo and their coach Nikolai Snesarev in their room, the statement said.The team manager asked them to provide their choice of personalised drink which would then be sealed in their presence and handed over to the organisers for installing them on the booth along with a placard as per the requirement of the athlete. Ms Jaisha and Ms Raut declined the offer and informed the Indian team manager that they didnt require personalised drink, and if at all they required it during the race, they would use the drinks available at the water booth and refreshment booth provided by the organisers, the statement said. New Balance 597 Noir. LOUIS -- St. Air Max 2018 Noir et Blanc. But the quarterback hopes to stay involved in football after officially calling it quits Tuesday. "Id love to look at those opportunities as they arise," Pierce said in an interview from his Winnipeg eatery. http://www.soldesnbalance.fr/nike-air-vapormax/vapormax-nike-bleu.html. -- Ken Appleby made 32 saves for his first shutout of the season to lead the Oshawa Generals to a 2-0 win over the Belleville Bulls on Wednesday in Ontario Hockey League action. Air Max 2018 Pas Cher. Its sharpness matched my mind. This was no night to go to sleep. New Balance 575 Surplus. SIMONS ISLAND, Ga. This is the second installment of a preseason series in which ESPN fantasy experts debate a pair of players who have similar fantasy values and/or average draft positions. The first edition compared LeBron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo. This time, Greg Rosenstein and Tom Carpenter debate DeMarcus Cousins and Anthony Davis -- a pair of big men with top-five upside, great nicknames and tons of risk -- whose current average draft positions are ninth and 10th, respectively.Rosenstein on why Cousins should go ahead of DavisAnthony Davis, without a doubt, is one of the most exciting young players in the NBA today. I mean, how many guys at 6-foot-10 have comparable athleticism, length and ballhandling ability? In many ways hes the exact opposite of Sacramento center DeMarcus Cousins; one boasts a charismatic personality whos so smooth it appears he glides up and down the court. The other has come under consistent criticism for his off-the court antics and has a physical, bruising style around the rim.Sexy versus ugly. And Im taking ugly.Similar to last weeks debate on LeBron vs. the Greek Freak, I prefer knowing what Im going to get rather than hoping that player takes the next step. James is as consistent as they come, and Cousins is fairly similar in that regard.The Sacramento star has averaged 20.2 points, 10.8 rebounds, 2.7 assists and 1.2 blocks per game through his six-season career, but what I like most is hes clearly trending up. As he assumes more of a leadership role in the Kings offense, his overall production has improved. Take last season as an example, as he posted career bests in points (26.9), steals (1.6), field goals made (9.2) and free throws made (7.3) a night. Many of his other statistics remained in elite range.His overall production is, in fact, remarkably similar to Davis. The following categories showed them with nearly identical numbers per 36 minutes on the court: average points, average steals, field goal percentage, free throw percentage and 3-point percentage. But while you may scoff at that final statistic, keep this in mind: Cousins made 70 long-distance shots last season after attempting just 69 in his career prior to that. Its an added aspect to his already versatile offensive arsenal. He also gets to the line more -- 8.2 attempts per 36 minutes compared to 6.3 for Davis -- and has shown a better ability to find teammates for scores. His 3.1 assists per 36 minutes is nearly double that of The Brow.Another major factor is the differences in offense. The Kings went through Cousins so often last season that he ranked No. 2 overall in usage rate (33.2) behind Russell Westbrook. Davis was 23rd. Sacramento also finished as No. 1 overall in pace, which means there should be a greater amount of possessions for Cousins to put up huge stats each night. The Pelicans, in contrast, were 11th. Even without Rajon Rondo at the point, I dont see a major difference in Darren Collison, and have no reason to believe the Kings wont finish at or near the top again.Lastly -- and this is the biggest reason why Id side with Cousins over Davis -- is health. If I owned the Pelicans big man on a fantasy team, I would need to check on his status every night to make sure he wasnt hurt. In four seasons, hes already missed 68 games to a variety of injuries. Even this preseason, he had an ankle sprain. Cousins has had injuries in his career, but nothing close to as frequent as this.ddddddddddddIn fantasy basketball, you need your stars to be there when it matters most. Not on the bench in a suit.Carpenter on why Davis should go ahead of CousinsBoogie versus The Unibrow! Sounds more like this debate belongs in ESPNs WWE section.Lets face facts here: Aside from maybe Hassan Whiteside, there arent two players in fantasy hoops who have such a high risk/reward ratio. Each surely would land in the top five if he is able to play 82 games, but Davis hasnt topped 68 games during his four-season career and Cousins has topped 71 games just once since his rookie campaign.With that much volatility, its no wonder they have fallen to the bottom of the first round.Still, if I were to pick one, it would be Davis, and Ill point to four reasons:1. MaturityDavis is 23. Cousins is 26. Unfortunately, age doesnt always equate to maturity.Cousins has a short fuse, which led to a one-game suspension last season for racking up too many technicals, but thats not the real issue. When it comes to converting talent into maximum fantasy stats, a player needs to be fully dedicated to his craft, something we have rarely seen from Boogie during his six-season career.Although Davis has not been able to stay healthy, he has generally showed quality focus on the court.2. PercentagesCousins lack of on-court focus has been reflected in a fading field goal percentage (49.6 FG?percentage , 46.7 FG?percentage , 45.1 FG percentage?the past three seasons) and inconsistency at the stripe (72.6 FT?percentage , 78.2 FT?percentage , 71.8 FT percentage?in that same stretch).Thats not something you can simply gloss over, either, considering he took 20.5 field goal attempts and 10.2 free throw attempts per game last season.We saw Davis percentages slip last season (49.3 FG?percentage ; first season under 51.6 FG percentage-- 75.8 FT?percentage ; first season under 79.1 FT percentage?since rookie campaign), but Im willing to blame that on a nagging knee issue which required surgery, from which he has since recovered.3. BlocksWe also saw the Brows block production fade, as his 2.0 BPG marks the first time since his rookie run that he failed to average at least 2.8 BPG. But Boogies career-high mark is 1.7 BPG.Big-time shot-blockers are a scarce commodity - even more so when it comes to those who score and shoot well from the stripe.If Davis worst production in blocks is better than Cousins best, thats a notable edge in a key category.4. StabilityNeither the Pelicans nor Kings have done a good job of putting together a well-rounded roster, but Cousins is on his sixth head coach, the Kings lack player leadership on the court and in the locker room, and from ownership to the front office, its been an absolute circus in recent years.To me, an immature mercurial player like Cousins without leadership and direction is just a mess waiting to happen. Maybe new coach Dave Joerger can find the magic touch, but I remain skeptical.Instead, give me the Brow and his more enticing all-around stats. I prefer crossing my fingers in the hope that he can stay on the court for 70-75 games, because the only thing I see stopping him from a top-five finish is his health -- and thats an issue that also continues to plague Boogie. Wholesale Jerseys  Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Authentic Jerseys From China Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys ' ' '


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