The next major update of Rocket League
Psyonix revealed the box to join the rocket league, and now the developer is retiring. Developers explained that this retirement is mainly for the newer box to make room, so update the game items. Once Psyonix releases the upcoming update of the game, the four available championships will not fall as a post-match reward.

Once our next major update is on the line this summer, all four championships will no longer be available. This retirement Cheap Rocket League Crates will only affect the decline, so if your inventory already has a championship bag, or want to retire after the champion luggage to other players, you can still do so. This series of retired means that when the game drops one, there will be fewer crates. In other words, deleting the old crates means that the updated crates (and their newer items) will appear more frequently.

Developers revealed that they will be released after the initial "about six months" box. However, you can still trade with other players to retire the box.


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