The Madden NFL 18 experience
It's been a while since Madden managed to capture my attention. Once the "it" franchise in sports simulation, Madden has seen a bit of an approximate patch in recent years as it has fallen behind the bigger trends of the genre Buy Madden 17 Coins. First MLB The Show stole the reflector in a deep career mode that featured Madden's many nuances and complexities never done, so NBA2K redefined career mode by re-enacting their version with a narrative that pushes your character to the center of A star of rising star, And through all FIFA has usurped the title of the largest franchise at EA's Sports Station. So what could Madden do to change it How could it be what was the biggest sports title to go back to the game. The simplest part of this answer is to continue refining the gameplay for a more faithful simulation experience. The most complex part is Longshot, a new story-based career, something completely new, not just for Madden, but for the sport-sim genre.

Madden NFL 18
During my first hands on the Madden NFL 18 experience, I played a game between my Minnesota vikings and the Redskins of Washington. While the basic experience is not radically different, I noticed that developers seem to be doubled over a much more realistic game. In fact, this depends on the type of game you want to play. You can play a Madden arcade style that leans against a higher version of the game, the competitive version that forces the player's ability to speak alone and the simulation version that will best match the game to a true NFL experience - La Second version is the one I played, and it definitely delivered.

Madden 18 feels stiffer in the simulation version of the game, forcing players to use the actual NFL game strategy and the player's technique. If you're too happy to have a good read on a quarterback progression, or play too aggressively, the AI will almost certainly be punished for that. Fortunately, all aspects of the game are a bit more interesting this year.


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