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Now that the madden mobile coins manager To cut S finished right.Call Duty: Advanced War, the invasion of Disney Infinity 2.0 PlayStation this week. Who's Another busy week of release on the PlayStation Network, starting from what is likely to be one of the biggest games NBA this year, Call of Duty: Advanced War. For those of you who prefer to stay away from the gritty first-person shooters, you can also look forward to linking Isaac, Disney Infinity 2.0 and more.I know that there are a lot of readers groan instinctively when Call Duty pop up on a screen, but, let's face's, the game N only have this type of car and hatred for it's been such a huge franchise in the last decade. And no matter how many people's eyes when it hits the cod new shelves, sales figures argue that more rather than running off the virtual marketplace or the material to pick up their copy of something NBA game.The nice about the latest Call of Duty is the fact that's is a slight departure from the newer games in the series NBA. We We are responding to modern warfare for a number of years now, and before that, the war games NBA tended to focus on the First World War, during World War II / Spaniard battle. Advanced War trend continues into the future, which takes place in an era in which weapons and equipment, and contrary to what we We have seen in this series so far. This means that NBA players will have to rethink how the equipment will affect this game, and thanks to the stylish suits batch, and become more involved vertical platforming with a higher Sledgehammer captures focus.If it off well, and it can be a breath of fresh air to the series, forcing a long period NBA players to rethink their tactics and adjust to a completely different battlefield.If, however, prefer to FPS avoid the crowds, and then there'It's still a lot to get excited about all three Sony console this week, including a little old and a little new.First even Isaac is the link: Rebirth, down for the PlayStation 4 Vita. As announced last week, the new birth is about to launch titles for PlayStation Plus, if you Re-joint, go ahead and download this bad boy when it is available Tuesday afternoon.A few titles and jumping between platforms this week, starting with frozen clamp prime minister, now to be available on the PS3. Indie Game Home horror make their way to the Vita this week, with the second season of The Walking Dead on foot. Wolf among us will also complete its journey around the PlayStation policy, all the way to the Vita and PS4.As for more new things, brings BlazeRush corridor leading to the PS3, with the introduction Disney


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