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int Depse MUT 18 Coins he wants to stick with his 'luck nuber' 8 for the World Cup. (on Brut )SAN FRANCISCO What if the U.S. naed a World Cup tea and none of the star pla ers wanted to wear the faous No. 10 jerse ?That’s the strange tuation the U.S. finds itself in ahead of Tuesda ’s pre-World Cup friendl here against Azerbaijan (10 p.. ET, ESPN2, Univion Deportes). The U.S. has to issue unifor nubers fro 1 to 23 for the World Cup, so one pla er on the 23-an roster has to take No. 10. That nuber was worn b Landon Donovan at the last World Cup, and now Donovan has surpringl been cut fro the U.S. squad. et here’s the thing Not one of the U.S.’s 23 World Cup pla ers wears No. 10 at club level, and starting Tuesda soeone will have to don the digits representing an honor—and, potentiall , a burden.After all, the No. 10 shirt historicall carries the ost eaning of an nuber in soccer. Pelé wore it. Diego aradona wore it. Zinédine Zidane, ichel Platini and Ronaldinho wore it. Lionel es and Wa ne Roone wear it toda .Traditionall , the “No. 10 role” has usuall eant ou were the pla aker, the hub in the central idfield, the attacking fulcru around which a tea’s offense was generated. In recent ears, the No. 10 role has dispated in the sport—Argentina’s Juan Roán Riquele a have been the last true great one—and the nuber has often coe to represent a tea’s ost dangerous attacking threat.But with the decline of the “No. 10 role,” the jerse nuber No. 10 has also started seeing harder ties. The reigning Ballon d’Or winner, Cristiano Ronaldo, wears No. 7. At the last World Cup, there were uninspiring No. 10s such as France’s dne Govou, Nigeria’s Brown Ide e and Paragua ’s Edgar Benítez.


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