Willian Jose will equal Vela and Atkinson
His 11 goals in 33 matches, of which he has played 25, already show that his season is very good and that was a signing that can be very profitable for Real. Willian José is being one of the sensations of the course. His first 'goal' of the season, Sunday against Deportivo, gave three gold points and made the Real fly to European posts, where he no longer wants to leave in the last five days. That number of 11 goals in the League, in addition, make him one of the most effective foreigners the Real has had in its contemporary history. There are only four foreign players who in their day scored more goals than Willian Jose in the season of its premiere In First in the Real. And the Brazilian has five days ahead to be the second in this ranking or even, if you leave the table, the first. It surpasses the 11 'txitxarros' that adds that of Porto Calvo John Aldridge, who reached the 16 in that historical campaign 1989/90, that broke the tradition. The great Meho Kodro, for his part, signed 13 in his first year as a realist, 1991/92. Dalian Atkinson remained in the 1990/91 campaign and Carlos Vela, WJ's current team mate in the 2011/12 season, both with 12 goals.

Therefore, Willian Jose will equal Vela and Atkinson if he scores a goal More, Kodro if he celebrates another two and Aldridge if he goes to so much by match from now until the end of the Liga. The Uruguayan Carlos Bueno also signed a dozen goals in the season of the ascent, 2009/10, but in Second. https://www.lolga.com/fifa-mobile-comfort-trade In the same category, Abreu reached 11 in the middle campaign. The same 11 that accumulates Willian reached Craioveanu just after coming from Romania in the 1995/96. The 'Pichichi' with the forehead Willian Jose is the highest scorer in the league Real and also the top scorer head of the League, with seven goals with the forehead. He is followed by Real Madrid Ramos and Morata, with six.

Since Darko Kovacevic (8) in the 2002/03 campaign no realist scored more goals with his head. Willian José has been a direct participant of 10 of the 17 victories that adorn the box of Real: in seven of them has scored some goal and in three gave some assistance. With the 11 goals that already has celebrated in the League, confirms that the current , With 25 years, is the best season his career. He reached the 10 goals in Zaragoza in Second Division and in Las Palmas the last exercise between League and Cup. This course adds 13, he will add the two he scored in the Cup.First his goalscoring drought and then the injury that Kept him two months away from the field of play he was taken down in the ranking of best scorers in the League. Until Christmas was in second step after the main cracks of the goal. Messi, Luis Suarez and Cristiano.Now, the '12 'txuri urdin occupies the eighth position in the classification of the' killers', next to Gerard Moreno. Morata, is seventh, with a goal more, 12. The first positions are occupied by Messi (31), Suárez (24), Cristiano (19), Griezmann (16), Aspas (16) and Aduriz (14). Willian retook the way of the goal last April 10 against Sporting after four months without scoring. The six million euros paid by the Real for 70% of their rights now seem few.


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