Curry again with FMVP
Warriors home victory over Knight, big score 4-1 won the championship. After a lapse of one year, the Warriors once again won the O'Brien Cup, and Curry again with FMVP pass by. Finals 5 games, Curry averaged H-26.8 points and 8 rebounds and 9.4 assists. Experienced last year's failure, Curry became more cold-blooded and fearless, despite once again missed FMVP, but also endured many questions, but Curry is the soul of this warrior.

Final G3 before the start, the reporter asked Cole coach a warrior defensive details: Curry in the anti-demolition when the first quickly made to attack the ball moves, and then quickly back against their own players. (To View More About NBA 2K18 MT at the reliable site ) Cole replied: "I feel Stephen is stronger this year, his body is stronger, faster and more agile, so be able to make such an efficient defense." In fact, the library in the offensive end of the promotion is more obvious.

The most intuitive expression is the finals G1 singled out Thompson's layup, arc top right hand dribble break, fake change to the right hand but did not deceive TT, and then pull back to the left hand along the road break step immediately stop the ball fooled TT After the moment to speed off the TT all the way to kill the basket layup. Since then there is almost the same breakthrough, but the background replaced by Carrefour. If the above two goals reflect the rhythm of change, then the finals G2 third quarter singled out James's ball is hard power. Curry right side of the 45-degree ball, the first time from the right side of the break was James locked in the bottom line, back to the third line after a pretending to shoot the Buddha action to shake the focus of James, and then quickly cut the ball to the left Left the way to break James will be behind, escaped James chase against the big hat and love the blessing of the road against the basket hit. Singled out a game after James, Curry himself could not help but continuous roar. Last year, the finals grab the last seven moments, Curry single blossom break when the lock was locked, and finally panic shot third of the blacksmith was the epitome of the Warriors was comeback. This year, there is no knee injury hidden in the library, with a more sharp breakthrough to complete a year of revenge waiting for a year.

The physical condition of the upgrade, but also to Curry in this year's finals on the stage to complete a lot of times, such as G2 cut 32 points and 10 rebounds and 11 assists in the first final three double, there G3 break the season Record 13 rebounds, that a library cut five offensive rebounds. Has been more than one in the emergence of the library to rely on faster speed and prejudgment, in front of Tristan - Thompson off the offensive rebounds.

Compared to the improvement of physical condition, Curry in the mind to enhance the need to be more nuanced. On the surface is still a funny family of Meng God, this year's finals performance, more restrained reasonable, but also more cold-blooded, especially the choice of the opportunity and the rhythm of the warrior control aspects.

Finals before the two games, knights in the attack library and Durant on the hesitation, the result is Durant received a lot of fast break and singles opportunities. Each stalemate, the Warriors rely on Durant's singles to keep points difference, KD scoring ability to knight no Naike. But really pushed the rhythm of the warriors, led his unit to play a wave of flow, have to be the third of the library and pass. G1, the knight crazy toward the Warriors of the three-point line, the Warriors start phase can only rely on Durant's singles bite poor. But the first section is about to finish, the library in the warrior's speed to get twice the opportunity to shoot three points, the first section of the Warriors Knight. Came to the third quarter, Curry single hit four three points to help the Warriors played two waves of offensive, three to seal the victory.

Came to G2, the Cavaliers clenched teeth will drag the suspense to the first four, from the end there are 6 and a half minutes, Durant dry pull three points to the Warriors lead 19 points, the next time the basket back to fight back, Arc left the side of the three-point line there are two steps away from the dry pull out of the third hit. Two minutes later James end to give up the game, but also a fatal hit three points, Curry together Durant took G2.

More than these three points is more interesting, the library in the three-point game of choice and play, and the past two years compared to the finals, there are very different.

G1 third quarter of the first ball, the Warriors fast break Durant break the ball; the second ball with Pachulia's pick and roll, and James defensive end hesitated moments, but after the knight chase 12 points; the third Third shot or rely on the arc of the double cover; the fourth one is the library to protect their own under the backboard rebounds, the ball to fight back in the top of the shot, the difference came again 19 points, the game lost in the third quarter suspense.

G2's third is also from the teammate's cover and grab the attack, but more than the Kuary than G1 sent more assists: third hit three points, the two consecutive assists to help Levenson to complete the empty cut , To help Thompson to complete the third; and with the cover of the third. The Warriors opened the third quarter offensive, led by Curry's third and assists.

14-15 season finals, Curry face De La Victoria, Carrefour and TT dribble out of the third, watching the fans are very enjoyable; 15-16 season finals, the same play Curry was knight comeback , To the fans impression is too persistent jumper three points. This year's finals, Curry's three points are basically all fast break, teammates cover and pass, less dribble and more free kick off.

Regular season and early playoffs in the library, and before and no different. But after entering the West and the finals, the library began to reflect the killer character, three-point shooting rate began to stabilize, pass more penetrating, break back to the peak state, grasp the details of the war situation.

G3 after the game interview, Curry said the key moment, said, "Do not be afraid of failure, many players do not want to shot at the crucial moment, because they do not want to bear the consequences of throwing, and I make myself better every season, Prepare for these important moments The most intense player will have such a killer character, and the key is not to be afraid of failure.

After G4, Curry was questioned too much. In the first half of today's first section, Curry still kept the mistakes. But after a pause, the library to regain the state, the first section of the break and the third of the distal, to help the warriors to stabilize the war also pushed the climax. Curry may be lost at some stage, but he will take the next chance to prove himself.

Killer character, fear of failure. Curry used to describe the series of his own just right, only experienced failure of the people know how to succeed. Like the current round of the series of Curry, calmly face a variety of questions, although again and the finals MVP pass, but he is still the soul of the warriors.


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