Warrior will be courage to become the leading example
Classic Warner Brothers animator Chuck Jones once said that we are all defined by our discipline: when possible, what we do is as important as what we do. Rabbits unless they are enraged, or will not take action passers-by do not hurt the wolf; Houston rocket do not long shot; New York Knicks did not catch roadblocks. Golden State Warriors do not have much discipline. They are basketball anarchists, from any "right" play concept, will not be subject to the definition of hardcore traditionalists, or important is the contemporary NBA nerd.

Now three seasons, the Warriors have been the fact that the basketball champion, the success of the calculator boy depends on the mathematical principles. Other teams are heading further to the extreme, but Golden State is undoubtedly the flagship store because they will be the first to tell your team. In the third quarter of the team's second champion in the afterglow, who will argue?

But it looks closer, it is clear that the Warrior's game does not reflect the analysis it represents. Warriors are not math - they do not represent order; they make logic. They are rabbit rabbits pulling the hat out. Warriors are fighting.

The traditional NBA wisdom is based on a series of assumptions about how games are played, and these assumptions are, in turn, based on the best of the past. Do not throw a three-pointers from dribbling. Do not throw 60 feet alley. Do not play JaVale McGee. However, whenever the Warriors add some new plays to their game, like a transitional three-pointers or layups 3, or a 30-foot alley to Yahil's tendency, they are not just in the league They are using their assumptions.

There is a simple explanation of how to work: Warriors have style. For all the system differences between the Italian 2013-14 team led by Mark Jackson and Steve Kerr, the most innovative is the style of the Kerr Warriors, Jackson did not. Style patience. Even brought Kevin Durant, the Warriors never joined and played like a traditional base camp, with a strong talent to polish the team. On the contrary, the team continues to fight the chaotic brand, Stephen Curry (Stephen Curry) is likely to lay down the screen, the release of Ian Clark, because he is working at high speed. Consistent MVP is only in your grasp, not out of the craftsmen are free to see. Set and win the coyotes rolling from the cliff down.

Warrior will be courage to become the leading example of efficiency is the team's signature: Gaga 3, when the curry began to rise from the cheap seat a few years ago, the reaction is one of the first fear, and then an appreciation: the lens fearless, Almost no one can appear as frequent as Curry LOLGA, but they also because most of the defense never thought that this was the lens that anyone wanted. Only recently, with the wave of three waves sweeping the league, we began to appreciate how Curry's trademark was opened for the Warriors.

But the pull-up is just one of several ways in which the warriors have subdued the orthodoxy of the Union's idea of ​​smart basketball. As long as Derrick Rose was frustrated by avoiding them, seeking free throws was a sign of modern analysis of the game. However, the warriors will not shoot a lot. During the regular season, their free throw percentage is only twenty, and in the playoffs, their free throws is even more so, the playoffs in the playoffs is the average level.

At the same time, the team has been out of the league's most popular game, they support such as the Rockets and Raptors ultra-modern foul: robbery. Huang Jinzhou in the league last time to 10.1 percent in the hands of successive players to complete, than the league leaders in Toronto and Charlotte the proportion of one percentage point lower, is the league last half. The proportion of table tennis is 4% .2 NBA is getting a skating alliance, but the warriors are in the opposite direction, even if they have questions at all. "I'm sure I'm hoping to be in more skating, whether it's a shot or a player," said Curry, who told Cleveland a few days after the team's Christmas break. "It's our strength, no matter how the team is playing with us." In some ways, avoiding the challenger is the luxury that the warriors enjoy, as they have two MVP-level players in the library and Kevin Durant on the roster. However, due to the chaos of the engine attack, passing the opportunity to make Golden State become the best in the league two-way shot. Warriors will not win a lot of shots - they are ranked 20th in the regular season, they are trying them 3 - but ranked first in percentage


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