The example to NHL
Pittsburgh - While Tom Kuhn Hack and Mark Stewart can not play through the final series of the decisive victories of Game 6, both can both succeed in Pittsburgh Penguins against Nashville Marines in 2-0 Bridgestone Arena Sangatte Stanley Cup champion, 2017 call.

"I'm still less than last year," Kühnhackl told "It is hard to win once and then winning a row of art troupes for the second time is an unspeakable feeling."

While this is the second Stanley Cup of the 25-year-old Rand Hut and his (1996, 2002) with Victor Kepu catching the 39-year-old Bern crown. During his career, he wrote many Swiss ways with his example to NHL,

"This is the team's Stanley Cup has won big things," said the dispute NHL with his daughter in his arms five months old. (Cheap NHL 17 Coins is provided for you at the reliable site ) "I'm so happy that it 's an unspeakable feeling for me.

The controversy was the first home of the Swiss player, who was his predecessor, David Abdullah (2001) and Martin Jab (2006) after winning the Stanley Cup as a porters. Eleven years, making it no longer a confeder to the NHL hockey throne, although the number of alpine players in North America is growing steadily.

"Switzerland is off, with amazing development, in recent years, it was late, we also said in the Stanley Cup finals," said the dispute.

The victory of the Stanley Cup

01: 32 • June 12, 2017 Despite the lack of use in the final series and only three of the playoffs played in the playoffs, the switch to the March 1 trading deadline is the value of the Philadelphia Flyers in the Tampa Bay Lightning Penguin.

"This is certainly not an easy time, I recently said," a dispute. "This is a difficult situation, but I am filled with my role and possibly, and I have contributed part of me to think that it is an unspeakable feeling.

It is frustrating that the name does not conform to the immortal Stanley Cup. Due to the lack of only 19 in the final series, in the regular season of Pittsburgh, he does not meet the standards and the team will have a game assigned to the league. So it is doubtful whether the team is allowed with the days of the World Cup. In addition, his contract expires at the end of June. It is unclear whether the dispute will kick for another year at NHL.

"The last year of my career is not always with too many playoffs, and I was crowned by some injuries to the success," said the fight. "I'm so lucky that I ended up in Pittsburgh and it has been a little crowned in those years and I am proud of it.

But ended the idea of ​​a career wiping yourself after thinking a little bit of controversy. "No, I do not think so, but I still play like hockey."

Kühnhackl has a one-year contract and returns to Pittsburgh unless it is traded or the Las Vegas Golden Knight chooses it as part of the expanded draft.

"Anything that happens is part of the NHL here," Kühnhackl said. "I do not think it is now, just to enjoy the moment."

The pen won the Stanley Cup

00: 34 • June 12, 2017

A person Kühnhackl Krupp and controversy are also absolutely predictable. Through his 57 regular season games, he was again qualified to make his name will be carved in the Stanley Cup and probably also got a day's cup. Krupp's name is missing the 2002 trophy because he does not have enough of the required number of games.

"I do not know that I will be the first time in Germany first, but make life better," Kühnhackl said. "Of course I was the last one who did not play a pity last year, but ultimately did not matter because your team, you've made a lot of things that have not been done as part of it. It's just a happy part of this team."

Kühnhackl knows exactly what he is happiest when he goes back to Germany: "in the meat of bread"


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