Hadadi's knee injury is serious
China and Iran International Basketball Tournament will begin on June 13, the Chinese men's basketball team will send Li Nan coach of the red team played, according to the latest news, Iran's core line Haidadi will miss this event.

According to the news of the operation of the side of China side news, Hadadi because of ankle and knee injury serious, had to miss this war in Iraq. The other two "old acquaintances" Bahrami and Camelani even not selected the current Iranian national team. The Iranian men's basketball team to the average age of 25 years old, but also into the exchange stage.

Chinese men's basketball team will play this game, Li Nan was the first test after the hands of the winner of China XFIFA also revealed the Chinese men's basketball team 17 players list, players: Zhai Xiaochuan, Fang Shuo, Zhao Jiwei, Raymond, Zou Yu Chen , Liu Zhixuan, Chang Lin, original handsome, Fu Hao, Zhao Rui, Meng Duo, Zhu Rongzhen, Wang Zirui, Yu Changdong, Adudu salad wood, Fan Ziming, Li Jinglong. The average age of the Red team is 23 years old. But after Zou Yuchen has been in the United States to prepare for the NBA draft, recently did not return to his news, and ultimately whether to play this game doubt.


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