The Lakers in the middle of the season with Kwame Brown
2007-08 season, the Lakers in the middle of the season with Kwame Brown and Mark Gasol contract in exchange for Paul Gasol. After the regular season, Bryant was elected regular season MVP XFIFA. In the playoffs, the Lakers hit all the way to 4-0 sweep the Nuggets, 4: 2 victory over Deron Williams and Carlos Boozer led the Jazz, 4: 1 victory over the defending champion Spurs, finals. But in the finals the Lakers 2: 4 again defeated the Celtics.
2008-09 season, the Lakers made 65 wins and 17 losses of the regular season record. In the first round of the playoffs, the Lakers to 4 to 1 to jazz; Western Conference semifinals, the Lakers beat the Rockets 4 to 3; Western Conference finals, the Lakers by virtue of Trevor Ariza's two key steals to 4 Beat the Nuggets more than 2, advance to the finals. In the finals, the Lakers 4 to 1 win the magic, won the team history 15th championship trophy, Bryant won the Finals MVP.
2009-10 season, Ron Artest joined the Lakers, which makes the Lakers small forward position to be strengthened. The team in the regular season quite satisfactory, played 57 wins and 25 losses record, ranked first in the West, the league third. The first round of the playoffs, the face of Kevin Durant led the Oklahoma City Thunder to 4 to 2 promotion. West of the second round, facing the Utah Jazz, with 4 to 0 swept the opponent. Western Conference finals, the Lakers met the Phoenix Suns, with the fifth Ron Artest Tournament lore and the sixth Kobe Bryant's overall performance, the Lakers beat the Suns 4 to 2, into the finals. Finals face the Boston Celtics, the Lakers led by Bryant and the Celtics battle 7 games, the final 4 to 3 win, won the team history 16th championship trophy, to complete two consecutive championships, Kobe harvest finals MVP. This is the Lakers and the Celtics grab the first battle in the seven wins.


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