The previous round of the Premiership match
In the previous round of the Premiership match, Manchester hutch have draw opponents, which for the sixth column Arsenal is undoubtedly a good opportunity to catch up with the four teams. With the hope of winning the dawn of the beautiful vision, Wenger led the team into the White Hart Lane, but with the contrary, Tottenham in the second half of the short distance of 146 seconds from the two goals declared to the world: "North London Boss! ", Arsenal can only reluctant to swallow nearly 5 rounds away league lost to 4 games of bitter fruit. In the league sprint of the extraordinary period, the North London Derby's defeat, again to Professor Wenger's next season's fate to the mysterious.

Since the season, with the Champions League 16 strong match in the two rounds of defeat to Bayern Munich and the league strong against the repeated defeat, coupled with years of the Premiership crown, Arsenal coached more than twenty years of Arsene Wenger encountered a coach since the career The most difficult period, some fans finally lost confidence in the professor. Beginning in 2017, almost every Arsenal game can see fans play "Wenger out (Wenger out)" slogan, more extreme fans also planned to organize a thousand people to protest Wenger activities.

Wenger around the season to stay around the problem, suddenly became a moment of the fans talked about the topic. Through this "hot spot", Professor Wenger's dispute was also used by Manchester to be held in a local music festival to carry out advertising: just this week in Manchester Germany near the start before the game, Etihad stadium Even appeared to retain the Wenger airplane banner.


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