Rocket League is boldly ball games
The "Rocket League" in the industry and foreign players in the word of mouth have been enough to confirm, but after the domestic network problems, the domestic players have been unable to experience the game very smoothly, in China's popularity is not hot enough.In fact, as early as August 2016, "Rocket League" in the Chinese players Rocket League Items have a reputation, especially the "watch the pioneer" players. The reason is that players have pointed out that the "watch the vanguard" during the Olympic Games in the new launch of the Rio game mode, whether from the play or the details, are "Rocket League" is very similar. For the two game mode play similar problems, "watch the vanguard" is not the first time to give a response.

Blizzard 's developers also recommended "Rocket League" to the players on the official website: "The Rocket League is great, and I especially recommend any player who likes our little fight to try this game.For this game, simple summary, roughly three major features, one is enough new, innovation boldly ball games, racing these two seemingly unrelated elements together, called the game history of a pioneer. In the "Rocket League" world, you can enjoy the real physical collision and wonderful aerial stunts, it is no wonder that players will produce "simply can not stop" the magic of chemical reactions.


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