We still had to catch.
CLEMSON, S.C. -- Clemson coach Dabo Swinney had a simple message for his defense in facing Louisville star Lamar Jackson.If hes Superman, Swinney told them, were going to be the Kryptonite.No. 5 Clemson did just enough, rallying for two fourth-quarter touchdowns and stopping Jackson and No. 3 Louisville a yard short on fourth down with 33 seconds left to hold on for a 42-36 victory Saturday night.The Tigers (5-0, 2-0 Atlantic Coast Conference) rallied behind Deshaun Watsons five touchdowns, the last two coming in the final seven minutes, after Louisville (4-1, 2-1) wiped out an 18-point lead behind another standout performance by Jackson.Watson was no slouch. He had his errors -- a career-high three interceptions and a fumble -- but in the end found a way to succeed with 306 yards on 20-of-31 passing.It just shows even with the hiccups how good we are and how good we can be, Watson said. We found a way how to handle adversity.The Tigers looked like they had this one wrapped up before halftime, scoring four TDs in the second quarter to lead 28-10 at the break. Then Action Jackson got moving and the Cardinals (4-1, 2-1) scored on five consecutive possessions to take a 36-28 lead with 7:50 left.Artavis Scott began Clemsons comeback with a 77-yard kickoff return and Watson found Mike Williams for a 20-yard scoring pass two plays later. Clemson forced Louisville to punt for the only time in the second half and Watson guided the game-winning drive, ending on a 31-yard TD catch by Jordan Leggett.Jackson had one last surge, leading Louisville to Clemsons 9. But James Quick was knocked out of bounds Louisvilles final play shy of the first down.Lamar knew where he needed to go with the ball and we came up a yard short, Louisville coach Bobby Petrino said.The Tigers have won 19 straight games at home, a streak that began after they lost their last top-five showdown -- when No. 5 Florida State defeated No. 3 Clemson 51-14 in 2013. In that one, Jameis Winston led a Seminoles rout.Clemson made sure Jackson would not pull off another one.A lot of guys picked Louisville, Swinney said. Rough night for you.THE TAKEAWAYLouisville: The Cardinals have climbed in the Top 25 and may wind up running the table without another loss in the regular season. Louisville will regret its slow first half in this one, which may have cost it an ACC title and possible national championship shot.Clemson: Can anyone stop the Tigers from claiming the ACC Atlantics spot in the league title game? Florida States loss to North Carolina means the Tigers would have to lose at least twice for the Cardinals, Seminoles or anyone else in the Atlantic to have a chance. Clemson is 19-4 against its remaining ACC opponents the past five years, with three of the defeats coming to Florida State.POLL IMPLICATIONSLouisville: The Cardinals will fall, but should stay in the top 10. There wont be much dropoff in losing at Clemson, which is 49-6 at home since Dabo Swinney became coach.Clemson: Count on the Tigers bouncing up into the top four -- and more than a few talking heads annoiting Alabama, Ohio State, Michigan and Clemson as the four presumptive College Football Playoff teams.HEISMAN IMPLICATIONSThe game figured to be a showcase -- and Heisman Trophy showdown -- for Louisvilles Lamar Jackson and Clemsons Deshaun Watson. While the Tigers came out on top, Jackson did not disappoint and most likely kept himself in the conversation going forward. Watson, after a slow start to the season, also elevated his candidacy with his fourth-quarter rally against the Cardinals.I guess so, Watson said when asked if hes back out front for the Heisman. We both played good for our teams and had a chance to win. Thats out of my control.DEFENSIVE NUMBERSIt didnt always look like it, but Clemsons defense kept Louisville off its offensive average. The Cardinals gained 568 yards, a whopping number but still below the 682 they were averaging coming in. The 36 points were also 27 fewer than what theyve scored this season. The Tigers finished with 10 tackles for loss and five sacks of the elusive Jackson.UP NEXTLouisville: Gets next week off to regroup before returning to action with a Friday night game at home against Duke on Oct. 14.Clemson: The Tigers have another short week, traveling to Boston College to play on Friday night. New York Knicks Jersey. Ancelotti says Ronaldo has recovered from a hamstring injury but "but he doesnt feel comfortable yet so we wont risk him." Madrid is third in the Spanish league, six points behind leader Barcelona, going into Saturdays game against Valladolid. Charles Oakley Jersey.1 million pounds ($61.2 million) on Saturday, giving the beleaguered English Premier League champions a major lift. http://www.nbaknicksauthority.com/john-starks-knicks-jersey-c-12/. After slipping from the summit during the week, the Gunners overcame struggling Crystal Palace 2-0 on Sunday thanks to Alex Oxlade-Chamberlains second-half brace. Patrick Ewing Knicks Jersey. Miller finished in two minutes, 6.09 seconds, one day before the first medal race on the Alpine schedule. The 36-year-old American also turned in the top time in Thursdays opening training session. Brandon Jennings Jersey.Y. -- Paul Byron and Matt Stajan scored as the Calgary Flames started a five-game road trip with a 2-1 overtime win over the Buffalo Sabres on Saturday afternoon. Clive Lloyd made his Test debut five decades ago. West Indies were in India and Lloyd, from Guyana, was 22. He was told he was playing in the first match 40 minutes before it started, in Bombay. It was the beginning of one of the most significant careers in modern cricket. Lloyd talks about the challenges of captaining a group of islands, the West Indies boards historic apathy, and the need to mentor young players.You didnt get much warning that you were about to play. Were you frightened? No, I wasnt. Id made a lot of runs in the Shell Shield - the first-class competition in the West Indies - and, in fact, a lot of people thought I would be going to England in 1966, but I wasnt chosen. Those were the days of bartering between the island selectors. You give me X and Ill give you Y. So I missed out.But by 67 I got to India and, by coincidence, Frank Worrell was there on a lecture tour. He said to me: Listen, you could have gone to England and been exposed to a moving ball to which youre unaccustomed. You could have got some low scores and it would have set you back. Anyhow, most of our great players start in India. Because it was Frank Worrell speaking, I accepted it.On the morning, 40 minutes before [the start], Seymour Nurse had hurt his hand in the nets, I think, and our captain, Garry Sobers, said, Youre in. That was as big a surprise as Id ever had. But the butterflies left because we fielded first. And when we came to bat, I did well - 82 and 78 not out in my first Test match, and they couldnt leave me out. Garry and I finished off the game. And that was the start.I had never seen spinners of this quality, of course. [Bhagwath] Chandrasekhar, Venkat [S Venkataraghavan]. So it was a bit of a test. And to add to that, I was playing in front of my idols: Conrad Hunte, Rohan Kanhai, Sobers. Looking back to that game, I guess the thing I reflect on now is that none of us were coached. Id never been coached. So you watched other people and worked out how they did things. You worked everything out by yourself. I had always been a very aggressive sort of player. We went to the nets, practised, and that was about it. You learned on the job.Did you ever think when you shared a dressing room with Sobers and Kanhai that one day you would succeed them as captain? Never. Although I do remember when we played against England in Jamaica in 68, we were in the Flamingo Hotel in Kingston and there was a saxophonist playing there one night and he said to me: Youll be captain of the West Indies one day. I had never thought that myself. Turned out he was a bit of a fortune teller.Being captain of the West Indies was difficult. England is one nation. India is one nation. We have a plethora of islands and different cultures and backgrounds. Barbados is not like Trinidad; Trinidadians are not like the Guyanese. The Guyanese are different to the Jamaicans. So to mesh all these men together, you have to get the trust of the players. Thats the first thing they think: Is he gonna fill this side with Guyanese? And, of course, this sort of trust can only be earned over time. Then the captain has to perform well. Because if you dont, the players will soon ask: How did he get here and why is he still here?My batting average for the first couple of years when I was captain was touching 70 [51.33]. They knew I was putting in the effort and that I would embarrass some of the guys into doing well. I also wanted to change some of the things that hadnt been done in the past. I wanted to help these players in the nets, for instance. So not only was I captain, I was the coach, the mentor. I had to be the disciplinarian, the tactician. It was not an easy job - especially at 27 years old! I was never groomed for the captaincy of the West Indies, I was simply given the captaincy.Did the West Indies Cricket Board help your captaincy or distract you from it? Well, I dont expect there was any other professional captain in the world who had to worry about his boards finances like I did. You know we were in the red when I first took over? You should know that the West Indies players have never been in awe of the board. Not for as long as Ive been around. Garry Sobers was once told by someone on the board, Of course, if your plane crashes today, Garry, well have to find a new captain. Now if your boss is speaking to you in those sorts of terms, youre not exactly going to be enamoured to him. So the players and the board were never great buddies. I should add that, despite this, we were always respectful of each other. But when we were winning, we had very little to do with the board. We hardly saw them. Only one of them ever used to call us and that was Allan Rae. He wanted to know how we were being treated, how big the gates [attendances] were, and that sort of thing, because he wanted to negotiate a better deal for us and for West Indies cricket.When you and your team left to play World Series Cricket in 1977, there were those who thought youd led a coup against the board. We had to be strong, thats for sure. When we made that decision we were emerging champions - World Cup holders and winning our Test matches. Sure, we did it for ourselves, but for other cricketers too. Before Kerry Packer came along, I had to pay for my own bat, trousers and boots. When I first played for the West Indies I had to pay for the badge to be put on my cap and the pocket crest for my blazer. People were happy to call me a great cricketer, a legend, but not pay me in a way that matched my ability. But the biggest thing about World Series Cricket was that it taught us to be winners. Winning was so important for us. Not only did it help get rid of insularity within the Caribbean, it meant we got paid better.What was the reaction in the West Indies to your success? When we were winning, the political leaders would send us telegrams. Michael Manley in Jamaica, Forbes Burnham in Guyana, Errol Barrow in Barbados. They were all there and they knew what we were doing. And they let it be known to us that our success as cricketers assisted their negotiating strength in their international politics. Because here were these guys representing less than six million people and we were champions of the world.So you think that the success of the cricket team assisted the political development of the region? Yes, I would say that. And I would say, too, that our success also inspired other black people. Black cricketers in South Africa have told me that our team gave them hope when they werent allowed to play. So I guess we created something that we diddnt even know about.dddddddddddd We had a following all over the world. Ordinary people everywhere. And by the mid-1990s, if you were a young West Indian, you would have lived your entire life and never seen us lose. Now thats quite something.And when you take all that in, you can see how my position as captain came with a huge responsibility. The prime minister of Trinidad only had to make decisions for the people of Trinidad, but I was making decisions for the whole of the West Indies. And for 11 years, the authorities didnt have to worry about finding a new captain. I cant recall any other captain whos around now who did 11 years, playing all over the world with a team in testing conditions. But we still produced the goods. We werent playing on many green flyers in India and Pakistan! Then you have to consider the standard of umpiring in world cricket back then. If wed have had the DRS system, our games would have finished in two days! (laughs) We had some of the worst umpires around, but we played through all of that.And in the quiet of a hotel room in the evenings, did that responsibility bear down on you? Not at all. Because I had grown into the job and I knew how important it was. When youre in a dressing room and you see Viv Richards wrap himself in the West Indies flag, and you see how we celebrated when we won, the high fives when we got a wicket, you were seeing something new in West Indian people. You never saw that in the old days. We had such an excellent unit. And much later, when I became the manager of the side, I wanted to bring that back, but by then there was a different breed of player. There was a different way of thinking. Unfortunately that harmony we engendered had been lost. No one begrudges the money these guys earn nowadays, but on top of that I dont want them to lose that feeling of pride that we had in playing for the West Indies.How do you feel about cricket in the West Indies today? Im sad, Im exasperated, Im angered about the situation, but I keep hoping. Many times I say to myself, It looks like weve turned that corner, but, well, its looking like a very long corner. All my hopes rest in our young cricketers, but we dont do enough talking to our young people. They need to have more mentoring from people who they can trust. Not just from people with a list of qualifications after their names, but from men who can tell them how they can get through difficult situations.But do young West Indians desire Test cricket? Or do they just want to play it as a way to make money from the one-day game? Well, Test cricket has to be an attractive proposition to West Indians. Its very different for a young English cricketer who dreams of playing for his country. We are people from islands and territories. Our experience has always taught us that we need to make as much money as we can as fast as we can. So I fully accept that these men have to be paid properly. But at the same time we have to have standards. There has to be a minimum requirement for our batsmen. You cant be averaging 20 in first-class cricket and be getting a year-long contract to play for the West Indies. Weve been lax on that in the past. We should want to play all our types of cricket in the same manner. We have to give our best one-day players a reason to come home when the T20 competitions are over. Our guys tend to stay away when the franchises are finished. Lets get them home. If were not working in unison with them, theyll never come home.Can you see a time where they may not be a West Indies Test side? I hope not. I think there are still quite a few people who want to play Test cricket, and people will watch if they see us trying to do well. People back winners in the West Indies, and thats why theyre backing the guys who are making money from T20 nowadays - because theyre doing well.Fifty years is a long time to be in the game. What is your single biggest regret, and what are you most proud of? My greatest disappointment is that some of our people dont recognise what we have achieved. There is a lingering disrespect and Im unhappy with that. We put in a huge amount of effort over many years and a lot of our past players havent been given enough recognition. They could have done a marvellous job for the West Indies, and had they done so, we probably wouldnt be in the abyss. Wed have been way up high.The thing I am most proud of is that we have moved forever from calypso cricket to fielding some of the best professional players youll ever meet. And weve done our people proud. We made great strides. We played cricket of the highest quality. Some people may not have liked it, but I noticed just the other day that the Australian coach, Darren Lehmann, said that he wanted his team to be like the West Indies of the 1980s, with four fast bowlers. People now like the look of that successful blueprint. There was nothing wrong with what we did.Our best team was in 1984, when we had four quick bowlers and the spinner Roger Harper. Terrific batting. Excellent wicketkeeping. Now, that was a balanced cricket side. Im the one that sorted that out. I showed people something. There had always been good fast bowlers, but I hit on an idea that worked. Any captain would want four fast bowlers. The Australians had them in 75, and 30 years later England had them to win the Ashes. But our guys were more consistent and played much longer. A lot of other people may not like what we achieved, but that is because we put them to shame. They had 60 million people or 250 million people. We had five million people and for 18 years we were champions. This was cricketing excellence - and it wasnt only down to the existence of four fast bowlers. We still had to bat. We still had to catch. I want people to give us credit for what we achieved.Youve been a drinks carrier, a player, a captain, a coach, a manager, a selector, an executive of the West Indies. Youre no longer the chairman of selectors now. Do you think that this is the end? Yeah, I think so. At 70-odd, I feel that I have done my lot. But if I was to mark my own report card, Id give myself a grade in the high 80s (smiles). I think Ive done well in all departments. I think Ive given great service to the game and I dont hate anybody. For my clubs and my country, Ive thoroughly enjoyed it all, and Id do it all again. You know, we were exciting. We played exciting cricket. We loved what we did and the people loved what we did. Wholesale Jerseys  Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Authentic Jerseys From China Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys ' ' '


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