The 2017 latest Air Jordan release Online
Girls Jordan Shoes as the history of the most well-known series of shoes, Air Jordan 5 can be said to be accompanied by a lot of people grow up. In China and Japan, there are comics "Slam Dunk" in the flow Chuanfeng. In the United States there are "new prince wonderful things" in Will Smith. This pair of shoes in a variety of cultures have its presence. The classic color too much. Air Jordan 5 "angry bull" color can be said to create a Jordan Brand follow the "angry bull" the color spray precedent. Newest Jordans 2017, the heyday of the US men's basketball team in Barcelona cut melon vegetables, the team leader, Michael Jordan, is the foot of this pair of shoes, for people to leave a dream-like Barcelona summer. After the out of the "Olympic" color is one of the early understanding of the Air Jordan shoes color. There are more classic Air Jordan 7 "Bordeaux" color. Last year Jordan Brand engraved a lot of Air Jordan 7, although there are still many still did not sell. In fact, in my mind his ranking should be in the Air Jordan 13 after. The Cheap Jordans Online shoes can be described as heavy shoes, starting from this pair of Air Jordan 12, we will witness those who have the best shoes. Air Jordan 12 is the most well-known Air Jordan "Taxi" color and Air Jordan 12 "Flu" (flu) color, and it is these two pairs of classic shoes in Jordan during the second consecutive three to help him overcoming all obstacles. The original author in this pair of shoes ranked only one sentence: "should be ranked higher" With Michael Jordan last vote of his Jordan Sneakers 2017, this pair of shoes to help Jordan I won the occupation career last title of a championship, making this pair of shoes to some extent in terms of a pair of milestone-style shoes, but also more people remember This pair of shoes. Last year, re-engraved sale of Air Jordan 14 Low Lanny color (see the last pair of shoes on the map), it can be said that all the Air Jordan 14 color inside the most dazzling pair. This pair of Ferrari sports car inspired by the design of the shoes, shoes design can also be said to be another way, at the time can be counted as a bold attempt. Air Jordan XX9 was placed in the 12th position.


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