Bell is the hero of Wales
Speaking of Bell, he is the hero of Wales. UEFA UEFA Champions League finals into a huge, almost every corner of the Champions League logo exists. In this place, Bell's position is the most prominent, everywhere can see his image and advertising. Not only Bell's own business endorsement, as well as UEFA to use him to attract the attention of local fans.

On the morning of the match day, the Champions League trophy was placed in front of the gate of the castle of Wales, in the big ears around the cup is linked to the participating team image representatives. The closest position from the trophy is assigned to Real Madrid and Juventus. But Real Madrid's "facade" is not C Lo, but Bell, I do not know C Lo if I know what it would be. In the fans carnival interactive experience area, Bell's sponsor is also at the expense of high-tech booth to recommend Bell.

The predecessor of the NBA Live series was the NBA Playoffs series, which featured Lakers vs. Celtics, released first in 1989 for MS-DOS-compatible PCs and later adapted for consoles in early 1990 for the Sega Mega Drive. You can buy NBA Live Coins conveniently from lolga.

Time gradually close to the game, the afternoon began, Cardiff's city center has been crowded. According to the locals, after this 500,000 population of the town has never seen such a scene. The impression of the Spaniards generally get up late, but this time the fans of Real Madrid was the first to break out. Hala Madrid everywhere cry, everywhere Real Madrid fans singing in the loud. Until 4 pm local time, Juventus fans began to increase significantly, when their momentum beyond the Real Madrid fans, the city center are Juven singing and shouting. The Italians were frightened by the fact that the "troops" were not enough to launch every man who looked like a Spaniard and took them together.

Near the game, the most impressive is that those who are still holding a brand everywhere in the ticket fans. They hold the last trace of hope, hoping to enter the court for their own team shouting, although the fare has risen to the sky at this time. A face price of 140 pounds (about 1,200 yuan) Real Madrid fans ticket, this time the price has soared to 4,000 pounds, which is about 35,000 yuan RMB. While the venue is better position, it is said that cattle fried has been fried up to 6,000 pounds. To know that the United Kingdom as a Western European developed countries, per capita monthly income, but more than 2,000 pounds. Holding such a valuable ticket, every minute of the game are worth a lot of money. There is a ticket to cherish, friends circle will lead to how much jealousy? Everyone knows everything.


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