For those who love football
For those who love football, tonight is destined to be a sleepless night, because on behalf of the highest level of the season a Champions League game, between Real Madrid and Juventus start. In the end, Real Madrid with domineering performance, 4-1 victory over Juventus, won the Real Madrid team history 12 Champions League championship.
Read the fans of this game, my heart will emerge out of a word to describe Real Madrid - powerful! Yes, this game Real Madrid will be their unparalleled strength, to show the most vividly. With C Lo, Casimiro, Arsenio's goal, Real Madrid with a victory locked team history 12th Champions League champions, Galaxy warships to maintain the Champions League record number of times at the same time, also on the second ( AC Milan, 7 crown) to continue to expand the lead.

With this victory, Real Madrid made a series of achievements. One of the most fans relish, Real Madrid broke the Champions League restructuring after the team can not defend the Champions League champions curse. Since the 1992/93 season since the Champions League restructuring, no team can win the Champions League for two consecutive years: 93/94 season, AC Milan victory over Barcelona win, the following year defeat to Ajax; 95/96 season Juventus Sri Lanka and Manchester United, they also missed the Champions League champions in the following year ... ...
Defending the Champions League curse, has become the Champions League restructuring after the most horrible curse, no matter what the team, touch that "dead." However, Real Madrid has done, in the face of the impressive Juventus, Real Madrid kicked a very convincing game, they finally broke the Champions League in the history of the most horrible spell, will be in front of all Champions League giants A mountain, kicked open!
Four teams have challenged the Champions League defending the curse, but failed four teams, had challenged the Champions League defending the curse, but failed
Not only that, Real Madrid also created a series of records. This champion, so Real Madrid after a lapse of 59 years, once again realized the La Liga Champions League double crown, Galaxy warships to create such a miracle, or 59 years ago 1957/1958 season. In addition, Real Madrid has now won 20 European war champion, is the most of all football teams. This is also Real Madrid 24th international title, Galaxy warships of this data is still the most football. From the perspective of the number of champions, said Real Madrid as the king of football, I am afraid that is not for too.
The game also helped Real Madrid create a record - the tournament for 65 consecutive goals, which is the latest record of the five European leagues. Since April 26, 2016, Real Madrid last season in the Champions League semi-final 0-0 draw after Manchester City, regardless of winning or losing, Real Madrid has never stopped the pace of the goal.

Horror spell, Real Madrid kicked fly! All kinds of champion, Real Madrid get soft! Data record, Real Madrid called brush burst! So horrible Real Madrid, seems to become the other wealthy football head, a new mountain.


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