The most provocative Henjiao Se in NBA
NBA the most provocative Henjiao Se

The NBA Alliance has helped a large part of the players enter the middle or upper class, but the relationship with the gang is still in the league (NBA Live Mobile Coins for you to play NBA LIVE GAMES). Let's take a look at the players who are now or who have been infected with gangs.

Pierce - 11 knives fierce male ruthless characters

In 2008 against the Hawks in the game, the truth of the Hawks players made a US street gangsters gestures, punished $ 25,000 on the spot. This well-known "down" is called BLOOD, is one of the notorious Chicago gangster GD (Gangster Disciples) one of the gestures, when the gang members to someone to make this action, this person will be slaughtered , His family's women will be XX, Pierce in the field of this simple action may not explain anything, but there is no doubt that 10 years ago, the body and the Boston gang MADE MEN knot beam of truth, is definitely a " Ruthless "role.

Carmelo Anthony

Anthony grew up in Baltimore, known as one of the most dangerous areas of the United States. In 2004, gangs launched a "stop high density" campaign, warned residents like the police, and then repeatedly saw Anthony and Gang members appear together with the screen.

JR-Smith's impression of JR has always been the role of nerve knife, his wild uninhibited character and his experience in the gang have a certain relationship. When playing for the Nuggets, JR also made gang gestures in the game.


Butler looks not too aggressive, but revealed an evil, people kind of chilling and millet feeling. He grew up in the slums of the United States, surrounded by drugs and violence, Butler 14 years old when the school because of cocaine and guns were arrested, 15 years ago had 15 times the police arrested the experience. Fortunately, Butler finally reformed, into the NBA. Butler has a habit, love to suck the straw, it is said that every day to chew dozens of straws. Read so many years of the ball, have not seen anyone who take the initiative to find Butler things, he seems to disdain in general conflict, too pediatric.

Allen - Iverson

Iverson childhood living in a harsh environment, all day dealing with guns, trench head, tattoos, bones through the kind of mixed emotions. One night, Iverson found that Marbury did not dare to leave his hotel room, Iverson was puzzled. Later, Iverson found that Marbury provoke a notorious drug dealer's girlfriend, the drug dealer has been twice in public slammed Marbury's slap in the face, the other is in the hotel lobby. "Bragging Daddy" tried to act as a mediator, and he suggested that Marbury and the drug traffickers should sing on the street. Iverson learned that after the hand and drug dealers to communicate.

"I do not know he is a friend of Mr. Iverson." The drug dealer whispered, because Iverson had a prison experience, plus his hip-hop appearance, which made him in the street quite There are fame, even those most difficult gang members will respect him three points.


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