The events will take your endurance to play
You should also note that all the events will take your endurance to play. You start from 15 endurance, you can get each level, you can get more capacity at once. So after ten, you may be able to have 16 endurance instead of 15. After you use your physical strength, it will be added after a period of time, or you can buy more things in the application.

Control is a very short area, but let's get through it quickly. In the lower left corner you will have your "joystick" to move your players. On the right, it is divided into two categories, namely offense and defense. Attack involves passing, driving (sprint) and shooting, while defending has two controls, guarding and blocking NBA 2K18 MT. This tutorial will explain how to use these.

This is a quick hint that they will not tell you that I learned when I was playing. When you hold the guard button while defending, put down the button and click on the player who can help you steal the ball.

To get all the extra features, go to the store to buy a variety of random players. You can use real money, or you get money through the game after mediocre or defeat some of the challenges. The better you play, the more experience you get, the faster you are. If you want a specific player, or want to get rid of the extra player, you can use the auction section. This is what they have the function, I do not even know what I want but is perfect.


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