The Rockets are disappointing this season
The final stage of the regular season, this week, fresh baked. Ranking the top three is still the Warriors, the Spurs and Knights, Thunder can only be followed. Surprisingly, has become a lottery team of Minnesota, this week as a rocket-like climb. After losing to the Mavericks, this talented team to win the Warriors, King and the pioneer, made three straight, the performance is very eye-catching. This state, so I am very worried about the future of the rocket. Since the mention of the rocket, then talk about the rocket, how to describe the performance of the city? Eight characters: sad its misfortune, anger it to fight. Away defeat the Mavericks also fills, followed by home and then lost to the sun, it is really days to collapse. Even if the last three races to win the game, but also have to look at the other team's face, is not a kind of national football that sense of view? Want to come is not surprised, but the rocket is often advertised as "China's national team". The Rockets are disappointing this season Mavericks to a wave of six straight, to establish their own in the playoffs in the competitive position, Dallas deserved pure men's team, than the next door of the rocket I do not know where to go high. As for the situation in the east, has become increasingly clear, the following is last week (April 4 to April 10) the strength of the list. 1, Warriors (last week record 3-1, the same below) Last week, in fact, is not easy, the home abuse of the Trail Blazers, the Warriors accidental capsize lost to the Timberwolves, 73 wins the great situation suddenly encountered severe challenges. Fortunately, the next two games, the defending champion won the Spurs and Grizzlies. It is worth mentioning that, with the Grizzlies a war, the Warriors and almost was disfigured opponents playing on the ground, Fortunately, Drummond - Green critical moment tipped, to help the team escape the birthday, to 1 points win. 2, knight (2-2) The Cavaliers have basically locked the eastern first position, so the team also played particularly easily, won the Hornets and Bucks, the Cavaliers casually lost away to the Pacers and the Bulls, last week, the outcome of the half. For Cleveland, the team ranking is not a problem, James's state is not a problem, the problem lies in the integration of Owen and the team. Against the Pacers, Owen (Click LOLGA.INC to view more information about this) and Le Fu led, lose; then against the Bulls, Owen is the same as sleepwalking. 3, Spurs (1-2) Away and the brave of the brains, the Spurs are still playing into the game. So after the game against the Nuggets, Popovich snow a lot of the main force, looking forward to return home after revenge. It is precisely because of this reason, holy city last week's record of 1 wins and 2 losses, it is rare to win less negative. 4, Raptors (2-1) Beyond the Cavaliers hopeless, it can not be followed by the team catch up, this is the current situation facing the Raptors. Of course, do not look at the Raptors old eyes, that they are weak and can be bullied. Last week with three Eastern team contest, the Raptors first won the Hornets, away lost to the eagle, but also in the home end burst walkers. This season with the same team of the team, the Raptors record of 36 wins and 13 losses, even more than the Cavaliers (34 wins and 16 losses) better. 5, Thunder (1-3) Thunder last week's performance was disappointing, four away they lost three of them. Respectively, lost to rockets, pioneers and kings. Well, even if it has been determined to rank the third in the west, do not be so quiet? Which is particularly lost to the king of the game the most disgrace, that game Durant, Westbrook and Ibaka and other main, but all debut debut, the result was Gay's free throw lore.


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