It’s time to start taking Rocket League seriously
It’s time to start taking Rocket League seriously. 2016 was massive for the “carball simulator.” We saw the first two seasons of the Rocket League Championship Series, with season one in the summer culminating in a LAN at Avalon Hollywood. The prize pool came to $75,000, the biggest that Rocket League (you can get Cheap Rocket League Trading from lolga) had seen up to that point. And just eleven days after the prize was taken by a surprise bracket sweep from iBuyPower Cosmic—Kronovi, Lachinio, and OverZero—Psyonix announced a second season.

The second quarter brings a format conversion that simplifies RLCS to a single qualifier event. Fans and players are also pleased to be surprised at the prize pool added to $ 250,000, and for the more obvious players, this really led to some changes in the layoffs, which also led to more organizations concerned about the Rockets League. In the second quarter, NRG captured the previously named "King City", "Orbit" promised "Exodus", G2 E-Sports won the iBP playoffs, and so on.


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