Auction Tips for Bidders

Auction tips for bidders

  • Who may bid? Any man or woman over the age of 18 may be a Bidder.
  • Who is the typical Bidder? A successful man who values his time and knows what he wants. The typical Bidder usually travels a lot and values the ability to meet Beauties who are available to have dinner with him at a moment's notice no matter which city he is in. The typical Bidder's time is too valuable to waste messaging back and forth on numerous dating sites.
  • Who is the Winning Bidder? The winning Bidder is the Bidder that the Beauty chooses for her date. The Beauty may choose the 1st Bidder, the highest Bidder, the one she is most attracted to, or no Bidder at all.
  • How do I pay the winning bid amount? We recommend that Bidders pay Beauties with an envelope of cash when they meet for the date. It would not be prudent to pay ahead of time. We recommend that Bidders write the word "Gift" on the outside of the envelope.
  • Date Expenses Bidders are expected to be pay for the expenses of the date.
  • Bidding While joining our site is free, the ability to message and bid on as many beauties as you like is free also. So...totally free online dating website.
  • Can I bid privately? Yes by checking the "privacy shield box" you not only shield your photo but also your user name. The only person who will know that you are bidding is the particular Beauty or Beauties that you bid on.

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